Celebrating Easter with Seniors

There are few holidays in the spring that give families an excuse to get together to celebrate. After months of cold, dreary weather, Easter is a welcome reprieve. The colorful and meaningful celebrations give families the chance to reflect on what is most important to them, while also looking forward to all that’s to come.

Celebrating Easter with seniors is a wonderful experience. It gives them the opportunity to connect with their loved ones in a fun avenue they may not have the chance to the rest of the year. They will walk away from the festivities with fond memories that mean more than you might realize. As you commemorate the holiday, incorporate these activities for seniors into your day to involve relatives of all ages.

Celebrating Easter with Seniors

Decorate the house

Including your elderly loved ones in the decorating process is a great way to keep them engaged this holiday. Crafting and putting up holiday décor engages the creative side of their brains, which has a positive cognitive impact. It is also helpful for their hand-eye coordination.

Try these Easter decorating ideas for your get-together:

  • Make Easter egg ornaments. This easy craft comes together in just a few minutes and looks beautiful! Cut out egg shapes in a variety of colorful/patterned paper, then fold them. Glue the sides together, and you have a lovely, 3D display.
  • Create a festive centerpiece for your meal. A nice meal isn’t complete without a festive centerpiece. Whether you create a floral display, a tree with colorful egg ornaments, or something with rabbits, you and your loved ones have so many options to get creative.
  • Easter bunny garland. Using the same colorful, patterned paper you used for the ornaments, use a cookie cutter to cut out rabbit shapes. Then glue a pom-pom to the back as a tail, and then attach it to yarn. All that’s left is to hang it up!
  • Dye eggs. This is an activity that those of all ages get a kick out of. Have hard-boiled eggs prepared, then gather the family to dye eggs in whatever design they’d like. When you’re finished, display them in a bowl on the counter for snacking before your big meal.

Plant Easter lilies

Leading up to Easter, you’ll find Easter lilies for sale at just about every store you go to. Instead of leaving them in the paper lining you likely purchased them in, get the family together to do a little gardening. Plant a few in your loved one’s yard for a long-lasting reminder of the holiday. The fresh air will be welcome this time of year.

If your loved one doesn’t have a space for planting, make an Easter craft out of it. Decorate ceramic pots together, then replant the lilies.

Enjoy Easter with your elderly loved one

Organize an Easter egg hunt for the grandchildren

For many seniors, one of the best parts of the holiday is seeing the excitement on their grandchildren’s faces. So, commission them to help with one of the most common Easter activities: an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the family.

Your elderly loved one can help by putting candy in the plastic eggs. If mobility isn’t a problem, they can also assist with hiding the eggs throughout the home and yard. If it is, they can give ideas for hiding spots instead. They can also assist with putting together Easter baskets for the children.

Have them help with cooking

Just as it is for any other holiday, food is an important part of celebrating Easter with seniors. Whether you’re the type of family that does a big Easter brunch or a dinner, have your loved one assist with the process. Give them small tasks in the kitchen to keep them busy, but aren’t too exhausting, so the two of you can spend time together.

If your loved one doesn’t enjoy cooking any longer, that’s okay. They can still help with developing a menu and passing down family recipes in the days leading up to Easter Sunday.

Get help from an at-home caregiver this Easter

While you prepare for the upcoming Easter festivities, you might need help caring for your loved one. If that is the case, call upon the aid of an at-home caregiver. At Home Care Powered by AUAF, our compassionate caregivers can provide your loved one assistance with any and all activities of daily living they require.

With their help, your loved one will feel comfortable and confident at home. For more information on our services, give us a call at 773-274-9262.

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