The Best Organic Cleaning Products for Caregivers

The Best Organic Cleaning Products for Caregivers

In the past few decades, there has been a conscientious shift in the world of consumer products towards one specific word “clean.” More than ever, customers want to know what ingredients are in their food, beauty, and cleaning products. This can help limit exposure to allergens or harmful toxins that impact an individual’s overall health.

With the first day of spring upon us, you and your elderly loved one may be feeling the urge to jump into spring cleaning. Before you start, consider changing the products you use to ensure a cleaner and healthier home. These are some of the best organic cleaning products for caregivers.

The Best Organic Cleaning Products for Caregivers

But first: what is the difference between organic, natural, clean, green, and non-toxic?

When researching new products to try, you’re going to come across a few terms: organic, natural, clean, green, and non-toxic. These products are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t quite the same thing. Think of it as a large Venn diagram—there is overlap, but there are also some differences. Here they are in the simplest terms.

  • Organic—the only legally defined term by the USDA, which verifies that the ingredients used are free of harmful chemicals that are damaging to both the environment and individuals alike
  • Natural—all ingredients used are substances that can be found in nature
  • Clean—products made with nontoxic ingredients (natural or man-made) that are tested and determined to be safe to use
  • Green—any product that benefits the environment
  • Non-toxic—products made with ingredients that are toxin-free

Before you pick up a new product, do some research on whether it is organic, natural, clean, green, or non-toxic. Then, talk to your elderly loved one about whether or not there are any ingredients or scents that irritate them to ensure you are picking cleaners that are right for them.

Seventh Generation

Since its conception in the late 1980s, Seventh Generation cleaning products have expanded from cleaning, to laundry, and even to paper products. This USDA Certified Biobased company produces cleaning products that are not only good for the people who use them, but good for the environment. Their bottles include a full ingredient disclosure list, contain zero toxins, and receive testing from a third party to ensure their quality.

Mrs. Meyer’s

Inspired by the owner’s mother, Mrs. Meyer’s mission is to create products that smell as good as they clean. They are free of ingredients that are harmful and instead use essential oils and other natural materials, all of which are listed on their website in a convenient ingredient glossary. This is a wonderful resource if your elderly loved one has any allergies and you want to determine if a product is safe for them.


Method products are contentiously designed and packaged to be great for your home as well as the environment. Some of their more notable products for hardwood floors and granite, both of which are notoriously difficult to clean. In addition to their already sustainable packaging, Method offers refillable aluminum spray bottles that you fill with their concentrate and water before you get cleaning. They also offer natural products for hair and skin.


Whether you need laundry products, dish soap, or pet shampoo, ECOS has it. In addition to creating natural, quality products, the ECOS brand makes a point to be environmentally friendly every step of the way. Their facilities are powered by renewable energy and make their mission to minimize carbon emissions at every point possible. They are actually the first company that has achieved Climate Positivity.

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative boasts an array of cleaning products based on their strict ingredient list. They are particular about what components they include, as well as what they don’t include with their list of “No Way Ingredients” which range from items such as phosphates to synthetic dyes. Grove also has a program in which they send you new cleaning products on a timeline that fits your schedule, which is wonderful for when it’s time to replace items.

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Natural ingredients to use in cleaning

Sometimes, the thing that does the trick isn’t a fancy cleaning product—it’s something that takes us back to basics. Your elderly loved one may have grown up cleaning with items such as white vinegar, and it’s with good reason: it works. Ask your elderly loved one if they have any tips to get the home sparkling clean. If they don’t, consider one of these options.


This little citrus fruit is great for disinfecting objects and eliminating stains. Because of their acidic nature, lemons are great for removing soap scum and hard-water deposits that can accumulate. It can even remove rust and food stains from countertops. What’s more—it smells great, so your space will smell as good as it looks.

Baking soda

Baking soda does more than make your cookies fluffy—it is also an all-purpose cleaner! Because of its abrasive quality, it can be used to clean up tough spills or baked-on dirt. A little bit of lemon juice or vinegar activates its fizzy quality and helps it eat through grime. As a natural deodorizer, it can even be left in the fridge to absorb any unwanted smells.


As another acidic substance, vinegar is perfect for breaking through mineral deposits or waxy buildups. Use vinegar to inhibit the growth of mold, which can negatively impact your elderly loved one’s breathing. Clean up particularly heavy stains with prolonged soaking. If the smell bothers you, consider adding a drop of essential oil or lemon juice to your vinegar mix.

Caregivers can help keep the home clean

Cleaning might not be a simple chore for your elderly loved one anymore. Managing diverse cleaning tasks may be both physically and mentally exhausting for older adults, and you may not have as much time to maintain their home as you’d like.

This is where the help of an at-home caregiver comes in. At Home Care Powered by AUAF, our caregivers assist seniors with a variety of activities of daily living, including light housekeeping. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (773) 274-9262.

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