Transitional In-Home Care During COVID-19

Transitional care is known as switching from one type of care to another. In preparation for shelter-in-place orders, some families decided on having parents move in to oversee their care. This is one example of transitional senior care. Instead of caring for parents from time to time or having others care for parents, this meant many adult children took over full time caregiving tasks.

This has created a transitional time where adult children are learning the ins and outs of caring for someone at home. It has meant a new normal everyday routine in caring for parents and loved ones.

Preparing for Senior Care After COVID-19

For many people, the ability to care for their parents and loved ones will extend after shelter-in-place orders are lifted. For others, the duty of being a caregiver will end with the lifted shelter-in-place orders.

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Permanent Caregiver for Your Elderly Parent

While many have taken on the role of being a caregiver for their parents during COVID-19, there are a few considerations before continuing after the outbreak has settled. You need to remember that the way the world is currently operating is out of the ordinary. If you are working from home while caring for your parent, you may not be able to do so after rules are lifted. In the case that you have a full-time job to return to, it may be nearly impossible to continue care for your parents the way you are now. This can be due to time restraints and necessary consistent dedication to care.

If you do have that time, dedication, and patience, being a caregiver for your family member can be a rewarding experience. Many seniors feel more comfortable with close family members when it comes to their care. Family members may know their loved one in ways that an outside caregiver may not.

Why You Should Consider Home Care Powered by AUAF

We have continued to adapt and change over our 25 years of service in home care. That means we continually update training based on new research and best practices. We want our caregivers to provide the best possible service to maintain our quality reputation. That means we invest in our caregivers in many different ways.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Formal Caregiver

There are certain state caregiver requirements that you will have to meet to care for your elderly parent. You will have to meet the minimum of 24 hours of training required by any Illinois caregiver in addition to Home Care Powered by AUAF training. Though, you don’t need to worry about finding and completing any of the requirements on your own. Home Care Powered by AUAF will provide you with the necessary training to complete.

In-Home Caregiving – You Have Options

Transitioning to be a caregiver is a role you may have been thrown in to. But you may have found that it is something you will continue to want to do.

Ultimately, you may also decide caregiving may not be for you. In that case you have options in how you want to proceed with care. Someone from a reputable agency like Home Care Powered by AUAF can take over for you.

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