Why Do Seniors like Golf?

Golf is a wildly popular hobby in the United States with roughly 34 million players across all age brackets. Of those 34 million players, 15% of them are seniors. This number should come as no surprise with the sport practically being a stereotypical hobby among older adults at this point, but why is that? Why do seniors like golf?

Golf is more than an enjoyable pastime for older adults. It is beneficial to their health too.

Why Do Seniors like Golf?

Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise

Getting out on the course might look and feel like time spent together with friends, but it is so much more than that. Golf is a great outlet for exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Those who choose to walk the entire course end up walking roughly four miles per game.

Those who drive the course still see physical benefits. Swinging the club offers older golfers improved balance and muscle strength in the core, arms, and legs. As an added benefit, time spent in the fresh air and sun has been shown to reduce stress and improve one’s immune system.

Creates a sense of purpose

For some seniors, finding something to occupy their time with is a massive challenge. This can lead to feelings of discontentment and a lack of purpose. Having a regular hobby to enjoy, such as golfing, gives seniors something to look forward to and a skill to strive for.

Golf can be practiced on a course, at a driving range, and even at home. This allows seniors to budget however much golfing time they’d like in their week.

A great way to stay social

Golf gives seniors an outlet to connect with old friends and make new friends. Established friends can arrange to meet at specific times to play a game and catch up. Afterward (depending on the golfer’s choice of club), the group can head into the clubhouse to meet like-minded members and form new friendships.

Regular social interaction is not only great for your cognition but your overall mental health. Building bonds and discussing one’s problems helps create much-needed camaraderie.

Golf is great for seniors

For help at home, consider an at-home caregiver

As one ages, they may find that they struggle to complete certain activities of daily living. Whether it is due to exhaustion or simply a lack of desire, activities like meal preparation or personal care might fall by the wayside. This can be to the detriment of a senior’s health.

If you or an elderly loved one are currently experiencing these problems, consider hiring the help of an at-home caregiver. For 30 years, Home Care Powered by AUAF has offered older adults in the Chicago area the dignified support they need, and we’d be happy to extend our services to you. For more information on our services, give us a call at 773-274-9262.

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