Why do Seniors like Bingo?

It seems in any form of media that features older adults, you will catch them playing bingo at some point. Whether it was born from the media we consume or actively watching our older relatives play the game, bingo has grown to be associated with older generations. But why do seniors like bingo? What is it that attracts seniors to the game?

Bingo is more than the quiet game it may appear to be. For many seniors, the game is an opportunity for fun, socialization, and mental stimulation.

A chance for socialization

When seniors live alone, social interactions can come few and far between. Without someone else to inspire them to get active, it can be difficult for many seniors to find new social opportunities.

Bingo is a great opportunity for seniors to get social. Without any advanced skill or learning involved with the game, attendees can listen for their called numbers as they make conversation with others. It also gives seniors an outlet for regular meetings, as bingo games occur at many community centers on a weekly basis.

Decreased rates of mental illness

This positive has less to do with the game itself and more to do with the previous positive factor. By building this sense of community, seniors experience lower rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. It also gives them something to look forward to on a regular basis.

A boost in cognitive function

When playing bingo, there is a great deal to keep track of. Players must listen to the caller, watch their cards, and mark the correct number. The variety of elements to keep track of helps boost many seniors’ processing speed, alertness, and overall function.

Research has even shown seniors to be faster and more accurate when it comes to mental speed, memory, and ability to gain information than those who do not play.

Improved memory

A decline in one’s memory capacity is something that everyone simultaneously expects and dreads. Regularly playing games—both physical and digital—such as bingo is a great way to see improvement in one’s memory. Bingo forces seniors to spend time focusing on a fun task. This opens up the neural pathways for learning, which as a result leads to improved memory.

Enhanced coordination

Bingo is a relatively fast-paced game. Seniors must mark the correct numbers as quickly as possible. As a result, regular players of bingo experience better hand-eye coordination than their cohorts. Improved hand-eye coordination has been shown to help seniors with other mobility-related issues.

Home caregivers can help seniors enjoy bingo

Do you want to start playing bingo, but are concerned about some of your activities of daily living getting in the way? An at-home caregiver can help.

At Home Care Powered by AUAF, our staff can help take care of the tasks you require assistance with to boost your quality of life. They can prepare meals, offer a hand with bathing, and remind you to take your medicine, so you can be certain you are ready for your next bingo game.

If you think you would benefit from the care of an at-home caregiver, call us at 773-274-9262 to learn more about our program.

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