Unique Ways to Spend Time with Your Grandchildren

When one thinks back on their cherished memories with their grandparents, it isn’t the gifts they received that come to mind. It’s the experiences they shared and insightful conversations they had that are most impactful.

Whether you live nearby your grandchildren or only see them a handful of times a year, do what you can to make your time with them count. Going to the mall or seeing a movie will be fun, certainly, but consider some of these unique ways to spend time with your grandchildren to create memories that will last a lifetime for both of you. Some you can do in the comfort of your home, others take you out and about, and others work even if you only see them on a screen.

Unique Ways to Spend Time with Your Grandchildren will make great memories

Host a dress-up movie night

Most children love to use their imagination and dress up as their favorite characters. Facilitate that fun by hosting a dress-up movie night. Ask their parents for your grandchild’s favorite movie and plan your night around it. Go to your local thrift store and look for children’s clothing that fit your theme. It will be extra special if you find something so you can dress up with them.

Encourage a little play before the movie and watch your grandchild light up. Follow their lead if they prompt you to join in. If you have the time beforehand, pick up some snacks that work for your theme just in case your grandchild gets hungry.

Bake with them

Baking fascinates many children—or at the very least, it fascinates them how a pile of ingredients turns into a yummy treat. Bring them into the kitchen and have them bake something with you. Keep it simple, as something too complex may lose their attention.

Sugar cookies are a great option, as they are highly interactive. Encourage them to cut out shapes with cookie cutters, and once they’ve baked, decorate them together. This doesn’t have to be reserved for Christmas—there are cookie cutters for every season! Kids love the creative mess.

Have a tea party

Tea parties can be as formal or informal as your grandchild likes. Some children will enjoy a more “royal” approach, while others might enjoy a sort of Mad-Hatter Tea Party. Whatever it is your grandchild prefers, encourage them to help you set up and decorate. Pick out some teas you know they’ll like and maybe some new teas they haven’t tried. This would be a great opportunity to enjoy your freshly baked goods together.

Tea parties can be enjoyed virtually too. Ask your grandchild’s parents to pick up a certain type of tea so you two can enjoy the same drink at the same time, no matter how far apart you are.

Take them on a “mystery adventure”

It seems like children’s interests change on a daily basis. Think about what it is that your grandchild enjoys best (you may need to ask their parents to confirm) and plan an outing around it. For instance, if your grandchild is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment, take them to a museum where they can view bones. Then, have them choose where they’d like to eat afterward (within reason).

To make it a true mystery, don’t tell them what it is you’ve planned. Just tell them that you’re going on a “mystery adventure.” If their parents would be okay with it, don’t tell them either. That way your grandchild can come home with an exciting story to share. This is one of the more unique ways to spend time with your grandchildren that they’ll never forget.

Go to a live theater production

Who doesn’t love the spectacle of theater? Find out what productions are occurring at your local theater and purchase a few tickets. If you have the funds, find out when Broadway Across America will be in your area and attend one of these performances.

If your grandchild is on the younger side, attend a show targeted at small children. These are usually shorter and designed to hold the attention of children, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them getting fussy partway through.

Take them to a state park

Instead of taking your grandchild to your park of choice, take them to a nearby state park instead. Most state parks have programs that allow seniors free or reduced passes for the year, making the trip relatively inexpensive. Prepare snacks or a picnic and enjoy the wonders of your natural landscape.

This would be a great, full-family outing. Not only is it good to be surrounded by family members, but it’s helpful to have multiple sets of eyes on the children.

Send them a surprise package

Every once in a while, it’s nice to send them something they’re not expecting. Avoiding any birthdays or holidays, send them a small package of goodies. Include anything you’d like, whether that’s markers and papers, a bubble bath, or a little treat.

Don’t do this so regularly that they grow to expect it. It’s the spontaneity of the package that makes it truly special.

Stay in contact with regular video calls

If you can’t make physical plans with your grandchild often, keep in contact with them via video calls. Make this a regular event (every Thursday, for instance) and chat with them about their week. Your calls could even be themed with options such as a tea party or story time.

Get help from your in-home care worker

When planning for unique ways to spend time with your grandchildren, your in-home caregiver can help. They can make the job easier by assisting with any errands you need to run, such as making a grocery list and picking them up or going to the post office.

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