Things to Remember on Caregiver Appreciation Day

Acting as a caregiver for the elderly is an important role

Things to Remember on Caregiver Appreciation Day

November 13 is an important day for the staff at Home Care Powered by AUAF: National Caregiver Appreciation Day. Whether they care for a family member or have made caregiving a career, this national holiday was created to bring recognition to the tens of millions of Americans who offer support to the ill, disabled, or elderly.

If you are a caregiver, you know it is more than a nine-to-five job you punch in and out of. It takes a special kind of individual to perform their role, and we are eternally grateful for the dedicated work of each of our caregivers. In anticipation of this special observation, we want to bring to attention these few crucial things to remember on Caregiver Appreciation Day.

Things to Remember on Caregiver Appreciation Day

Your work is important

No two days as a caregiver look quite alike. There may be days when you are stuck doing tasks you may feel don’t make as much of an impact. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you are doing laundry or helping your elderly client bathe, your work is vastly important to their overall well-being.

By dedicating yourself to caring for another, you are directly responsible for helping them live comfortably, confidently, and healthfully at home. It doesn’t matter the size of your work—each little job is important.

Caregivers support the senior community as a whole

Whether you care for your elderly parent or have a roster of clients you visit, the personalized care you provide has ripple effects across the entire community. In seeing your work, you may inspire others to take up the caregiving mantle and support their elderly loved ones. Alternatively, if your elderly clients are active in their community, seeing the support they receive may inspire other seniors to make their lives easier and do the same.

You are forever making an impact on the lives of these families

The care you offer has positive effects for more than just your client—it also impacts their family. When the time comes for an elderly loved one to receive care in order to stay at home, it is a stressful transition for the family. Allowing someone into their lives to care for their loved one feels like a gamble. However, when they find a caregiver that matches them, it is a weight off their shoulders.

You help your clients’ family members breathe a little easier. Each day, they can rest easy knowing that their elderly loved one is in capable, caring hands. That peace of mind is invaluable to them.

Elderly care is so important

Even on the hard days, your work is appreciated

Just like there will be tedious days, there will also be some days that test your mind and spirit. Perhaps a health problem makes itself known. Alternatively, if your client is struggling with cognitive decline, their behaviors could be challenging to navigate. No matter what you go through over the course of a shift, never forget: your client appreciates everything you do. They may not outwardly express it each day, but they do, as does their family.

Become a caregiver with Home Care Powered by AUAF

Did you know that you can be compensated for the care you provide your elderly loved one? The Illinois Department on Aging’s Community Care Program connects family caregivers with home care agencies to start the process of becoming certified caregivers. Home Care Powered by AUAF is proud to be one of those agencies. Our staff provides you the resources you need to not only offer your loved one superior care, but compensation for it.

For more information on our family caregiver program, give us a call at (773) 274-9262. We would be happy to help.

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