The Importance of Friends as you Grow Old

The Importance of Friends as you Grow Old: Friends are a crucial part of our lives, regardless of how old we are. As we grow older, our relationships with friends become even more important. This blog post will discuss the importance of friends as you grow old.

What is the importance of friends as you grow old? A senior from Illinois, Beatrice answered this question for us. She says they matter more than ever because there’s less time for interaction with family members, so having someone to share memories with and laugh over things in common can make golden years worth it!

Beatrice is a 74-year-old social butterfly living in Parkridge, Illinois. Whether it’s a dinner date with friends or an adventurous road trip, Beatrice always has something new in store to do.

Beatrice has her circle of friends and would not have it any other way. She says,” The busy life helps me keep active and engaged. Having close friends is one way to fend off isolation and loneliness as you get older”!

Staying physically active is key to aging well, and many seniors like our Beatrice benefit from good company. According to a new report from AARP’s Global Council on Brain Health, having a vibrant social life may protect your brain as you age in the long term.

During the golden years having good friends is useful, and to remain at home always with no company can be tiresome. Here are a few reasons why having friends for older adults is beneficial.

Active Friends Keep your Heart Healthier

As you get older, your risk of heart disease increases greatly. Seniors who stay active reduce the risk of having heart issues later in life. Any activity with friends that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up, even for 20 minutes a day a few times a week, can help.

Goal Buddy

The great thing about being around people who want the same things as you is that it makes reaching your goals much easier. You’ll find yourself feeling inspired and motivated by their success! Doing activities together with friends will keep you motivated and moving.

Good Friendships Keep you Youthful and Energized

Being socially active will keep you youthful and energized while planning visits with friends or family. You end up planning and hosting regular game nights (or other social gatherings). On top of this, you can explore opportunities such as road trips across states.

It Keeps your Brain and Memory Sharp

Brain game exercises and activities with friends and family members can help stimulate the brain and provide long-lasting positive effects regarding reasoning skills, memory, and processing speed.

However, it is not as easy to form friendships in golden years. So a few ideas for making new connections are by picking a few new activities or hobbies:

  1. Join as a volunteer in your local community
  2. Join a yoga or gym class based on your health recommendations.
  3. Reconnect with your older friends through social media like on Facebook.
  4. If you are a religious person, check your local faith community and become part of their initiatives.

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