The Cost of In-Home Senior Care Services

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How are In-Home Care Services Are Paid For?

In general, there are a variety of ways to pay for in-home care. At HomeCare Powered by AUAF, we provide you home care aides at no cost. This is because Medicaid or your insurance provider cover the senior services received. Please ask your insurance provider more about details regarding home care services.

How Will the Homecare Aide be Compensated for the In-Home Care Services Provided?

After case management assesses and approves the need for long term in-home care, HomeCare Powered by AUAF compensates the home care aide providing services.

Is There Financial Help for Caring for My Elderly Parents?

If you are currently caring for your parent and want to find out more about the steps and official training to become a homecare aide for your parent, call us at 773.274.9262. Financial aid/compensation for caregivers and government assistance for caring for your elderly parent comes from the points stated above. Hence, the home care aide cost is covered if services are approved. Consequently, this is after the necessary training, protocol, and hiring are in place to become the homecare aide for your parent.

How is Long Term In-Home Care Assessed?

Initially, case management from organizations outside of Homecare Powered by AUAF will visit your home. They evaluate the need/assessment for home care services called the determination of need or the DON score. Hence, the score will identify the amount of hours required to provide home care services for your loved one. Thus, case management from these outside organizations will also verify the insurance qualifications of the client. So, once home care services are approved, you will then have a Plan of Care created to meet your needs.

What is the DON Score?

The Determination of Need (DON) assesses an individual’s functional ability to perform basic and instrumental activities of daily living and identifies unmet needs. It also serves as the mechanism to develop a plan of care.

The Documentation for DON summarizes an individual’s impairments, formal supports, service arrangements, and provides instructions to the provider.

How Do You Stay Eligible for Senior Services?

Case management conduct visitations that reevaluate a client’s need for elder home care. Organizations that initially deemed your loved one in need of elder care assistance perform these visitations.

Give us a call at 773.274.9262 and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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