The Benefits of Spending Thanksgiving with Family Caregivers

The benefits of spending thanksgiving with family caregivers:

With Thanksgiving approaching, it may be challenging to navigate holiday traditions with a loved one; whose health has changed since the last holiday season. This is where a family caregiver can be instrumentally important. Spending Thanksgiving with family caregivers ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible and is enjoyable for everyone present.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits family caregivers provide at Thanksgiving.

Meal Preparation During Thanksgiving

Family caregivers help to make sure that the loved one is eating a proper and well-balanced diet. It is still essential that someone ensures that your loved one is getting enough to eat. A family caregiver can help prepare food for your loved one; while making sure there are enough options that appeal to them.

Easier Conversation with Family Caregivers

A professional caregiver may be a stranger to some of the family members. However, in comparison, a family caregiver is part of the family, or considered to be part of the family because of how close they are to the loved one. That is not to say that professional caregivers cannot grow to be considered a part of the family. Still, at Thanksgiving everyone wants to spend time with their family and recount past experiences and memories. Because of this it may be uncomfortable for everyone if there is a stranger present.


For loved ones with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, the holidays can be more challenging than other days. A family caregiver can help inform the rest of the family about what condition the loved one is currently in and the best way to interact with them. For example, it is best to encourage the loved one to reminisce about holidays in the past. Everyone should focus on asking questions that rely on older knowledge since that is usually what they can remember best. Family caregivers can also help to ensure that the conversation flows well and steer it away from any unfavorable topics.

Manages Limitations

Family caregivers can help ensure that your loved ones do only what they are comfortable with and are not pushing themselves too hard. They can make sure that the loved one remains comfortable, especially if they are surrounded by a large group of people. They can also more easily evaluate your loved one’s comfort level and remove them from any situation that is making them uncomfortable. The family caregiver can also help to determine where Thanksgiving should take place. For example, if it is difficult to travel with your loved one, the family caregiver can suggest hosting the celebration. If the celebration occurs elsewhere, they can help transport your loved one to and from. They then take over the responsibility of making sure they get there safely.

Family members providing long-term care for their loved ones are never “off the clock.” Instead, they act as a family caregiver for all 24 hours of the day. However, on Thanksgiving, it can be a pleasant experience for everyone to escape the monotony and enjoy the company of family and friends. And with a family caregiver at Thanksgiving, everyone will be happy to know that their loved one is well-cared for by someone they all know and trust.

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