Summer Safety Tips for Elderly People in Home Care

Summer Safety Tips for Elderly People in Home Care: The summer months are once again upon us. And judging from the preceding spring, we’re in for some hot weather this year. But high temperatures and high humidity don’t mean older adults have to stay behind in their air-conditioned homes. Here are some summer safety tips for elderly people to help them stay cool and stay safe.

Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe in the Summer Sun

When most of today’s elderly folks were kids, we just didn’t know as much about the dangers of sun exposure. The ongoing climate crisis and changes to our atmosphere have also contributed to the danger of too much sun during outdoor activity, which include heat stroke, heat exhaustion and sunburn, which of course can lead to skin cancer in the long term But there are a few ways to mitigate the danger.

Dress For the Season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing light colors and loose fitting clothing in high temperatures. Make sure you have proper warm weather clothes available by getting help with laundry from a home care aide.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

Cooking meals in the heat is never appealing. Who wants to stand over a hot stove when the temperature outside feels the same as the burners? Having an at-home caregiver to help with meal preparation and planning can free you up to enjoy the summer while still having healthy meals available. Eating lighter meals will also help you stay cool in the heat. Finally, experts suggest not waiting until you feel thirsty to drink water in the heat, and to avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible to avoid dehydration.

Find Air Conditioning

While it would be unthinkable for a home not to have heat, many people still lack reliable air conditioning. Many heat-related deaths occur when elderly people live in poorly ventilated homes with no air conditioning. When heat is extreme, an open window and a fan just aren’t going to keep seniors safe. Local senior centers and civic centers often open their doors as cooling centers. Going there during the hottest part of the day can literally save seniors’ lives.

Use Sun Protection

Sunscreen has long been the first line of defense against damaging UV rays from the sun, but most people don’t apply sunscreen properly. It’s also important to know what kind of sunscreen to use. Many dermatologists recommend using what’s called a mineral sunscreen (such as those containing zinc) rather than a chemical sunscreen. However, chemical sunscreens are generally less expensive and more convenient to use. In the end, most experts say that the best type of sunscreen to use is the one that you’ll use correctly and most frequently.

Sun Protection Beyond Sunscreen

Protective clothing, which can take the form of specially designed fibers that help block UV rays, or just tightly woven fabrics , can do a better job than sunscreen alone.

Things for Seniors in Home Care to Watch Out for in the Summer Heat

Even when following all the guidelines, it’s still possible to suffer health consequences from the heat. That’s why it’s important for seniors to know the warning signs of heat-related illness (e.g., heat stroke, heat exhaustion), such as:

  • High body temperature
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Faster heartbeat than normal
  • Fainting or passing out

Seniors should seek medical attention immediately if experiencing any of these heat-related symptoms.

Home Care Powered by AUAF Helping Seniors this Summer

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