Spending a Fun Weekend with Seniors

It’s all too easy to fall into a rut of daily activities, but this is especially the case for seniors. While familiar settings and routines are great for keeping older adults preoccupied, when one does the same thing every day it can lead to feelings of demotivation and dissatisfaction.

One day, or even a few hours, broken from the rigid structure of your loved one’s day will be great for their spirit. However, when planning a day trip with seniors, determining where to go can be half the battle. If you’re spending a fun weekend with seniors and looking for ideas, try one of these destinations or events.

Spending a Fun Weekend with Seniors

Before going on your trip…

While the point of this trip may be to break out of your loved one’s regimented day, it’s still important to do a decent amount of planning ahead of time. Some seniors need to have easy access to a restroom, while others need to eat at certain intervals. It is important you have all this covered in your planning so it doesn’t cause problems for your day.

When planning an outing with your loved one, make sure you…

  • Research your destination. Before you hop in the car or on the train, you must know your loved one’s needs. Is it accessible for those with mobility issues? Is it close to a store in case you need something? Are there places for your loved one to rest if need be? Make sure you take note of all these factors.
  • Prepare for the weather. This time of year, you’ll want to make sure your loved one has enough layers to be protected from the cold, wet weather. That being said, there may be the occasional, more comfortable day. Just as you don’t want your loved one to freeze, you don’t want them to overheat in too many layers of clothing. Make sure you check the weather the night before heading anywhere.
  • Build in break times. Chances are, your loved one will need more breaks than you. Pushing them to points of exhaustion will be horrible for all parties involved, so make sure you have plenty of time to stop and take breaks as needed.
  • Pack a day bag. Even if you’re only going away for a few hours, it’s important that you bring additional supplies to make sure the trip goes as smoothly as possible. Potential things to include are water bottles, first aid supplies, additional medicine, and cell phone chargers. In the cold weather, you should also consider hand warmers.

Plan ahead for a fun weekend with seniors

Destinations for a fun weekend with seniors in the Chicago area

One of the best things about Chicago is its accessibility to so many exciting locations. From museums and attractions inside the city to gorgeous natural attractions only a few hours away, there is a great deal of fun to have here.

Frank Lloyd Wright Country

Seniors often enjoy stepping back in time and looking at the way things were when they were young, and architecture tours are a perfect way to do that. Oak Park is home to a great deal of renowned American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright’s, work. Drive through the neighborhood to view his personal home and studio, as well as his Unity Temple.

This trip would be a great option for those who don’t want to be out of the home for too long. Make a true event out of it by stopping for dinner before heading home.

Visit a state park

Between Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan, you’re not more than an hour and a half away from a gorgeous state park at any point. If your loved one is physically able, take them on a hike at one of our state parks, like Starved Rock or Apple River Canyon.

If you’re concerned about the physical nature of a hike, don’t worry—many state parks offer drivable viewing points, fishing areas, and nearby dining.

Visit a museum

When considering options for a fun weekend with seniors, we would be remiss to leave out museums. The greater Chicago area is home to 150 museums, giving you a variety of options to explore with your loved one. Whether it’s art, science, or history that calls to your loved one, there are hours of fun waiting for them.

A few great options include:

  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The Chicago History Museum
  • The Field Museum
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Chicago Sports Museum

Cut down a fresh Christmas tree

With Christmas just around the corner, you and your loved one could make a trip to one of the many nearby Christmas tree farms. Here, they can pick out their tree of choice for you to cut, or simply walk around to view the sights. Similar to pumpkin patches, many tree farms offer events, warm food, and drinks.

At-home caregivers can help older adults stay active

Aging in place is a dream for many seniors, but it can be lonely. On top of assisting with personal care, medication reminders, and other activities of daily living, a caregiver can make sure your loved one stays active with board games, crafts, and other activities to stimulate their minds.

For more information on the services our caregivers offer, call us at 773-274-9262

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