Resolutions Elderly Can Make for the New Year 2022

Every year, people worldwide await eagerly for New Year’s Eve. Everyone is making New Year’s resolutions, hoping that the turn of the New Year will give them the drive they need to achieve their goals finally. Also not to forget that our loved elderly ones are looking to bring about positive changes in their life too. Hence we have put together doable resolutions the elderly can make for the New Year 2022.

Revisit your last year’s resolutions

Every year we make countless resolutions, all to be forgotten by a month. Hence revisit your last year’s resolutions and see if you would like to work on them this year. The best way to work on resolutions is by working on achievable goals and tracking small doable milestones.

Get up to date on all personal health records.

We are all guilty of not keeping our health records updated. Keeping a personal health record updated to enjoy better health is beneficial for everyone. It especially works well for older adults with caregivers who need to keep a tab on their health. In case of an emergency, having records ready can always be helpful for health care providers as well as their caregivers.
So let us begin our New Year by updating our elderly loved ones’ health records.
Here is an article that helps organize personal health records.

Declutter Home

It is better to declutter the home and organize things as you age or it might lead to hoarding. We all have fond memories of furniture and many things associated with our loved ones. Ask your caregiver to go through your stuff with you if you need assistance and decide what needs to be rehomed, discarded, or treasured for some more years. This activity helps make your bond stronger with the caregiver and helps revisit old memories.

Nutritious Eating

The nutritional requirements of the elderly are different from the rest of the family. Therefore it is important to realize that eating healthy and nutritional is for a senior’s overall well-being. So this year, let us set up a goal of eating healthy and nutritious for our elderly.
Ensure that elderly people’s plate includes lean proteins like lean meat, eggs, beans, and seafood. As much as possible, try to serve whole-wheat pasta and brown rice. Additionally, consider serving foods with little to no added sugar, saturated fats, and sodium.

Enjoy an active lifestyle.

This New year, help your older people in the family enjoy an active lifestyle to keep their brains sharp and healthy. The benefits of being active and socialized are numerous. Engaging in social and hobby activities they enjoy, like taking a new hobby class or becoming a volunteer in their community, may help maintain their well-being and overall health. Social activity is the key to happiness and keeping the blues away.

Make a bucket list to do this year.

A bucket list is a fun way to keep your elders moving and motivated throughout the year. Here are a few ideas for making a bucket list for your senior citizens to make an independent living worthwhile.

  • Visit your nearest senior community center and participate in its events and activities.
  • Plan a game night with your friends
  • Go to a musical show or a movie with your friends
  • Plan a road trip with a group of friends to a nearby National park that is senior-friendly.
  • Explore new restaurants and discover new tastes in the world.
  • Join a book any club group, poker group, or a bingo group
  • Rebuild the connection bridge with your long-lost friend or loved one by searching for them on social media or Google.

Practicing gratitude or mindfulness

These two buzz words come high on things that can be added to your elderly loved ones’ list of resolutions. Many studies connect gratitude and mindfulness with improvements in everything from physical health to emotional well-being to relationships with others.
Start writing a gratitude journal and note what you are thankful for that day. Taking up a physical mindfulness practice such as yoga or guided medication will help your elder connect with their body. Attending guided meditation can lead to self-awareness and an improved capability to cultivate gratitude and mindfulness.

Suppose your elderly loved ones require a little extra care this New Year. Our caregivers can provide companionship and help have a listening ear. Our at-home caregivers can help seniors have a great new year. Contact Home Care Powered by AUAF or call us at 773-274-9262 to learn more about high-quality home care for seniors today.

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