Precautions for the Elderly During the Coronavirus

If you are an elderly individual or care for one, you may be worried about the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s necessary to take action to prevent the spread of the disease following guidelines set in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This article offers Precautions for the Elderly During the Coronavirus.

According to the CDC, the virus is spread from person-to-person. This is why it’s vital to wash your hands often and avoid touching your face, nose, or eyes especially after being in high contact locations. The CDC website lists all the preventative measures. These apply to everyone, whether you are a senior looking to protect yourself or a caregiver.

Keeping Socially Distanced as a Senior

While it’s not possible to prevent all contact with people, unnecessary contact with people should be limited. That is why social distancing is being widely implemented. This implies that seniors should not have any visits from family members or friends that aren’t vital to their care. And seniors shouldn’t be visiting anyone either.

There are different ways that seniors can stay in touch with friends and family. There are a wide variety of apps and tools that anyone can use to talk and video chat with anyone they wish. Beyond that, there are a number of internet providers that are willing to provide free internet access for the next 60 days in the case that you may not have access to wifi.

Understanding the Coronavirus

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 cases around the United States. This is why it’s important to look to trusted sources for your information on the development like CDC.

The CDC website lists the symptoms of the virus as well as the importance of staying home and social distancing. Whether you have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, you should limit non-essential contact with people. Following guidelines put out by the CDC as well as the WHO will help prevent the community’s spread of the illness. It’s important to take precautions for the Elderly During the Coronavirus pandemic.

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At Home Care Powered by AUAF, we stay up to date on the current findings and precautions we have to take. Our caregivers continue to provide essential care across the communities we serve. We understand the growing importance of care for seniors who may have trouble getting groceries or even becoming socially isolated. Our dedicated caregivers are working daily to do meet the needs of our care recipients.


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is causing an upheaval of the daily routines for everyone around the world. But ultimately your health and wellness are of the utmost importance. Staying calm and following guidelines are necessary for everyone’s health and safety.



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