Mother’s Day Activities for Your Elderly Mom

There’s never quite enough we can do to show our mother’s how much we appreciate them. Mother’s day is a great time to spend some quality time with mom and enjoy some activities together. It’s not always easy to think of activities to celebrate your mom, and it can be even harder as your mother has made it to her elderly years.

It’s important to take into account the types of activities that would suit your mom. Some moms like staying indoors and doing things with just you or the family. Others would love the opportunity to finally go out. Take into account your mother’s health, especially in her senior years, but still cater to what she finds enjoyable.

The Elderly Mom that Prefers to Go Out

1. The Garfield Park Observatory

On this Mother’s Day the observatory will have a wonderful flower show for your mom to enjoy. This is a great option in the Chicagoland area. It’s an opportunity to see some beautiful aspects of nature while still being indoors even if the weather gets bad.

2. A Movie at the Theater

Taking mom out to see any popular movie out is a great way for her to get out with you. You can even make this an activity with members of the family of all ages. This is an especially easy option if mom is a senior that can’t walk or get around like she used to. It won’t require much physical exertion, but it will definitely be a lot of fun.

3. A Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s market’s are more than places that sell fruits and vegetables. Often there is wonderful music, crafts, and handmade treats that can be found to satisfy whatever need you have. They create an enjoyable atmosphere for both you and your mom. And, it’s a great opportunity to be outdoors. This is an especially good choice if you have an elderly mom that is capable and still likes to get up and moving. There is a lot of walking at farmer’s markets, and that should be a consideration in your decision.

The Elderly Mom that Prefers to Stay In

1. A Movie at Home

A movie doesn’t have to be seen at the theater. With the advent of movie screening sites and places to rent movies, you have a variety of movies you are able to choose from. Just make sure to ask your mom what would be her preference. And, if you can, maybe opt to find an older movie that your mom really likes but hasn’t been able to see for a while.

2. A Family BBQ

There will be times that a small or large family BBQ is the perfect option. This is a great option when the weather is optimal and your elderly mom wants to see everyone in the family. In the case that your mother has any mobility issues, this is a great way for her to see any enjoy the company of others without having to go anywhere. This is also a great option if your elderly mother has wanted to have the company of the rest of the family but hasn’t had the opportunity. It’s a day where everyone gets to dote on her.

3. Getting in the Kitchen Together

This is a great opportunity for bonding between you and your elderly mother. If she loves cooking and would love to spend some one on one time with you, get her to show you some of her recipes. So many of our mom’s have recipes and even tips and tricks in the kitchen that are great to learn. This is especially true of elderly moms who may have had many more years of experience. And in the case that neither of you cook, order a meal service delivery kit where there are instructions to cook a meal together. As a result, it’s an activity that can be relaxing and give you and your mom the chance to talk.


Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Take into account your elderly mother’s preferences, while noting any physical or social limitations. The best gift you can give your mother is your time. Even if you are already a caregiver for your mother, this is a great day to change up routine. Hence,  it’s a great time to show your appreciation of her, and do something out of the ordinary. And whether your mother is already well within her elderly years or not, it’s important to keep forming those happy memories for both you and her.

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