Making Your Elderly Loved One Feel Special on Father’s Day

This Sunday, June 18, is Father’s Day. This occasion encourages us to celebrate the fathers in our lives, be it a birth father, a grandfather, an uncle, or a father figure. If you live by any of these important father figures, it is important to take the time to show how much of an impact they’ve made on your life. However, making your elderly loved one feel special on Father’s Day might look a little different than it did a few decades ago. Strive to appeal to his current likes and capabilities so you enjoy a day you won’t soon forget.

Making Your Elderly Loved One Feel Special on Father's Day

Take note of his current capabilities

Before you make any Father’s Day plans, take a moment to consider your father’s current state. At this point, you’re aware that certain things aren’t as easy for dear old Dad as they used to be. Even if the two of you used to hike regularly, knee problems might make that out of the question now. Alternatively, if your father is starting to suffer from cognition problems, you may want to keep celebrations at home.

Regardless of his current situation, as long as you tailor the day to your elderly loved one’s needs and likes, it will certainly be memorable.

Involve the whole family

Chances are, it isn’t just you and your father who live nearby one another. You may have siblings in the area or children who would love to spend the day with their grandpa. Get in contact with your family members to arrange a day of fun. Be conscious of the fact that this may not be in a group setting, or individually. Your father may not want to deal with a party, but he may enjoy individual time with others. Feel free to ask about his option before making any concrete plans.

Activities to enjoy with your father

Naturally, no two dads have the same exact likes, but the below Father’s Day activities would be fun for just about anyone. Plan a day celebrating Dad around one event, or all three, depending on your father’s energy levels.

Take him to a ball game

Who doesn’t love going to a game? While many sports are wrapping up their season in June, sports like baseball and soccer are in full swing in June! It would be great fun if you can find a game that is played on Father’s Day—if your father is a Cubs fan, they are at Wrigley Field on that day—but if not, your father will still be excited by the upcoming fun.

Make this a Father's Day to Remember

Host a cookout

At this point, it’s cliché to say that dads enjoy grilling. If your father falls in that camp, treat him to a cookout. Alongside your siblings, take care of most of the other dishes. However, if your father expresses interest in taking over at the grill, let him. Just make sure someone is nearby to supervise.

Cookouts are a fantastic way to get the whole family in one location. Just remember: this time of year can get quite warm. Make sure there is plenty of shade, seating, and water available for your loved one so you don’t run the risk of overheating.

Host a movie night

Whether your father is a fan of classic John Wayne movies or Indiana Jones films, a movie night is a great, low-energy way to spend time together. So, gather your dad’s favorite movies and settle on the couch. Go the extra mile by purchasing some of your father’s favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy alongside the movie. If your father is starting to suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia, however, you may want your movie night to actually be a movie afternoon to avoid issues with sundowning.

Hire the help of a caregiver

If you’ve started to notice that your elderly parent struggles to complete certain activities of daily living, it may be time to hire help. An at-home caregiver can support your father with any non-medical needs he has, from medication reminders, to meal preparation, to personal care.

Luckily, Home Care Powered by AUAF is here to help. To learn more about our caregiving services, give us a call at 773-274-9262.

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