Make your Aged Senior’s House Jolly, Bright, and Safe

The jolliest time of the year is here, and the atmosphere around is magical. Christmas holidays are the time to celebrate with gifts, food, merry decorations, laughter, and music. Decorating the house and making it season-ready is one of the biggest activities. We have thoughtfully put together a few tips on making your Aged Senior’s House Jolly, Bright, and Safe.

Decorating the elderly one’s home, we should remember the number of safety tips to make the holiday season bright, merry, and safe for seniors.

Clear the Clutter in the Pathways

The most important activity is making the senior’s house safe to walk and access all rooms freely. Ensure that no rugs and carpets might create a trip hazard for the senior. Dust and vacuum the entire house and move things blocking the windows and doors. It is most important to keep the pathways clear of any furniture to avoid unwanted falls.

This undeniably will be a good safety measure to keep your older adult safe, and especially having free space to walk is very important for a fall-free house.

Bright and Safe Lightning

Lighting is undoubtedly the most important crucial safety feature for an elderly house. Especially pathways to bathrooms, deck areas, hallways, and garages should be well lit.
Many inexpensive motion sensor lights are available in the market, including battery-operated ones. Install them in hallways and especially pathways to bathrooms at night.

It is important to ensure that extension cords are not blocking the walking paths. Check if all light switches are working fine and replace the ones that are not working. It is undoubtedly crucial to keep a senior house brightly lit, most importantly during winters.

Winter Home Safety Tips for your Aged Loved ones 

Winter poses a lot of hazards to a senior’s house. Check with your city if they have snow removal programs for senior citizens and enroll them. Simultaneously check if a high schooler or a family member will volunteer to salt and shovel your senior’s driveway within your community.

It is most important to check if the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working fine. Their chimney and heating inspection has to be done and ready for the winter without delay. Declutter the wires and ensure there are no possibilities of fire hazards.

These little senior care tips will undeniably help them survive the winter without any safety issues.

Making your Aged Senior’s House Bright and Safe

Christmas Tree Décor

A fire-resistant fake Christmas tree is a good option to consider. They come in a great variety of sizes and decorations and are far less likely to catch fire.

A fire-resistant tree not only avoids fire hazards but also is undoubtedly easier to maintain.

Help them create handmade ornaments, and there are scented battery-operated ornaments that look merry and bright. In addition to helping them create ornaments, you will end up with a fun activity that will create memories to last.

Flameless Battery-Operated Scented Candles for Brightness and Safety 

Make the house festive ready with candles on mantel and tabletops. But instead of regular candles, try these super cool realistic Vanilla Scented Candles with Timer and 10-Key Remote for decoration. They are safe, timed, and avoid fire hazards. These candles can be a very relaxing décor for seniors.

Frame Some Seasonal Prints

Instead of adding extra clutter by hanging balloons and paper decorations, having prints framed is a wonderful trend this year. Decorate your walls with some print-out of these free printables and swap them into pre-existing frames around your house for the season.

Revisit Old Family Photos

Add a sentimental touch to your mantle this year, go through their albums, and stitch the photo frames on the mantle with fresh memories. Ask them to be part of this heartwarming activity which will take them on a journey of memories.

Bedroom Décor

Let us not forget to decorate the bedroom for the seniors. We usually focus on getting your tree up and the mantle decorated. It’s easy to overlook other rooms, like the bedroom. But a few simple touches—like a Christmas wreath above the headboard, stockings filled with cones on the door.
Christmas-themed pillows, and warm fuzzy heated blankets, will make the bedroom extra cozy for the senior this Christmas season.

Merry Kitchen 

Add some red poinsettias in the Kitchen for the instant festive greenery. Get some large Santa mugs and green plates for the theme. Hang a wreath on the chimney and some Christmas garlands to make your elderly loved one’s Kitchen festive.

Importance of Decorating Together

Usually, seniors have their treasured holiday decorations and traditions, so ensure that you involve them in the decoration process of Making your Aged Senior’s House Bright and Safe. Be careful when handling their ornaments, as they might have priceless sentimental value. If they cannot actively decorate their home due to age-related issues, find out what they would love to see in their house.
Decorating together is especially important if your loved one spends most of their time in a certain house area to ensure that it is festive ready. Hang some garlands, lighted wreaths, and make their home jolly, safe and bright.
Team up with a home caregiver this holiday season. The holiday season can especially be stressful for families with seniors. Ensure that your loved senior has a gift of companionship this holiday season.

Our elderly in-home care assistance is an alternative to an assisted living facility or nursing home. This allows your loved one to enjoy independence and the comfort of home.
Home care providers are available for elderly in-home care services seven days a week, between 6 am-10 pm.

From medication reminders to light housekeeping, our at-home caregivers can help seniors have a great Holiday season. Contact Home Care Powered by AUAF or call us at 773-274-9262 to learn more about high-quality home care for seniors today.

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