Low Sodium Alternatives to Thanksgiving Food

Low Sodium Alternatives to Thanksgiving Food

When you consider the most popular holiday in the United States, what comes to mind first? Many would place their bets on Christmas or Halloween, but those bets would prove to be wrong. According to Statista, Thanksgiving is regarded as the most popular holiday among Americans. With the wonderful food, the time spent with family, and the lack of pressure that comes with purchasing gifts for loved ones, the admiration for Thanksgiving starts to make sense.

However, if you are an older adult with dietary concerns, Thanksgiving dinner can pose a challenge. Health concerns such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart problems often necessitate a low sodium diet, which causes seniors and their families to learn how to adapt their cooking. If you’re preparing your menu for the big feast, consider trying these delicious low sodium alternatives to Thanksgiving food.

Low Sodium Alternatives to Thanksgiving Food

TIP: No boxes or cans

When gathering your ingredients for your low-sodium recipes, there is one crucial tip to remember: stay away from boxed or canned goods. For preservative purposes, boxed and canned foods often contain astronomically high amounts of salt. While it may be easier to just open and dump a can into a bowl, purchasing fresh, or even frozen, ingredients will be better for your health.

With that in mind, create your grocery list for your delicious, low-sodium alternatives to Thanksgiving foods.

Apricot mustard glazed roast turkey

Sweet and tangy, this glazed turkey relies on the flavors of the ingredients instead of the heaping amounts of salt. Apricot preserves, mustard, low-sodium broth, bourbon, a shallot, and unsalted butter bring the turkey to life. Before purchasing your bird, however, make sure you check the nutrition label. Many turkeys are soaked in saltwater brine before packaging.

Twice-baked sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes always have a place on the Thanksgiving table. They can easily be enjoyed roasted with a little bit of unsalted butter, but for this special meal, try something a little more special. In this twice-baked recipe, you enjoy the sweet, cinnamony flavor of the holiday season inside a crisp potato shell. It’s a perfect side!

Low sodium stuffing

Did you know that store-bought, boxed stuffing has more than 200% of your daily value of sodium? Making your own stuffing allows you to control the amount of salt in your stuffing while also giving you a fresher rendition. The delicious, seasonal herbs really shine in this recipe, while the fresh, toasted bread gives a nice texture.

Healthy meals for seniors at Thanksgiving

Roasted cider-glazed Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts can be a controversial side, but when made correctly they are delicious. This apple cider glaze dresses up the occasionally bitter Brussels sprouts, and the fresh herbs add a further dimension to the dish. After dressing the Brussels sprouts, keep some of the glaze on the side so your guests can decide how sweet they’d like it.

Bake your own pie crust

Because of the overall sweetness, many don’t realize that desserts actually contain salt. In pies, a majority of the salt comes from the crust—especially when store-bought. If you’re planning on making a pie, take the extra time to make your crust from scratch using unsalted butter and scant amounts of salt. Then, enhance your pie fillings with spices and herbs.

Get help for the big holiday meal

Having to go to the grocery store any time of year can be exhausting for seniors, let alone at Thanksgiving. Thankfully, if you have hired the help of an at-home caregiver, you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping. Your caregiver can help you get your home ready for Thanksgiving by assisting with housekeeping, running errands, and so much more.

If you’re curious about how a caregiver can help improve your quality of life, call Home Care Powered by AUAF at (773) 274-9262. We would be happy to help.

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