How to Split Your Caregiving Responsibilities with Family

Providing care to an elderly parent is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. Thankfully, if you have siblings, the weight of the job is a little lighter. However, determining how to split your caregiving responsibilities with family isn’t exactly an easy feat. It’s important you take the time to speak openly and honestly with your siblings so that everyone has the best experience possible—including your parents.

How to Split Your Caregiving Responsibilities with Family

Consider your parents’ needs

The most important step in developing a care plan for your elderly parents is first taking the time to consider their needs. Currently, your parents may just need someone to bring by dinner every so often. They could require assistance with personal care and medication reminders. Whatever it is, make sure you and your siblings are completely aware of these needs.

Remember, this is a conversation that you will have to repeat every handful of months. Your loved one’s needs are certain to change every so often, so you will have to reevaluate and adjust your care responsibilities accordingly.

Discuss your strengths and limitations

Upon determining that your elderly loved one needs assistance to continue living at home, you must sit down with your siblings to discuss what strengths you individually have. One of you may be able to make renovations that keep the home safe for your loved one. Someone else may be great at keeping important documents and schedules organized. Another may be perfectly comfortable with personal care tasks.

You should also discuss any limitations each of you may have. Someone might live further away than the other sibling. One of you may not have the physical strength to lift your loved one. Another may have an infant to take care of. Lay these limitations and strengths out on the table so you can better divide responsibilities.

Create a schedule

Once you’ve determined what kind of care you all can offer your loved one, create a shared schedule. This should clearly outline when certain responsibilities need to be completed. If your loved one requires more frequent supervision, it should also show when which sibling is providing care.

In making these schedules, remember that unexpected situations may arise. This could be a doctor’s appointment or perhaps a new care need that requires addressing. Always discuss these changes with your siblings so everyone is on the same page at all times.

Split your caregiving responsibilities with your siblings

Involve your parents

Throughout all of this, never forget to include your parents in these important conversations. It is their life that you are trying to positively impact, so they should always know how they will be affected. Make sure you are getting their input every step of the way and involving them in the discussion any time you believe a change should be made.

Receive support from a home care agency

Even with the aid of your siblings, providing care to an elderly loved one can be difficult to manage. If you and your siblings struggle to shoulder the work on your own, consider hiring the help of an at-home caregiver. These professionals can assist with all the non-medical activities of daily living your loved one requires—from meal preparation to personal care.

The agency’s CCU works with you to create a plan of care that fits your loved one’s needs, as well as your own. This way, you never have to worry about your elderly parent going without the support they need to live healthfully and happily at home.

Did you know that you or your sibling could become a paid caregiver for your parent? At Home Care Powered by AUAF, we offer the training and support you need to provide your loved one the best care and receive compensation for your work.

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