How to Set Up Home Care Services for Your Elderly Parents

Having elderly parents who live in their home and need assistance can be challenging. Whether you live on the other side of the country or the other side of the street. You may want to help provide care, just like the estimated 41.8 million Americans cited in a recent report do. But that’s not always practical. You have a job and a family of your own. Or you live too far away to reasonably be able to provide care for an elderly parent. Home care services may provide the answer, but you may not know how to set up homecare for your elderly parents.

What Kind of Services are Available with At-Home Care?

An at-home caregiver can provide a wide array of services including:

Personal Care Assistance, including help with bathing, dressing, toileting and other personal hygiene tasks.

Medication Reminders and Management, which can be valuable to prevent missed doses or shortages of medication.

Light Housekeeping to keep their living space clean and uncluttered, which can prevent falls

Meal Preparation and Planning, from grocery shopping to preparation to cleanup, healthy homemade meals are important to keep seniors healthy and happy.

Companionship and Social Interaction are vital to people as they age. Isolation and loneliness can be big issues for the elderly.

In addition, at-home caregivers can help with other basic tasks like helping with technology or providing activities for your elderly parents.

How to Get Your Parents the Help They Need

The first step towards any in-home care for seniors is an assessment. This is typically done by a local governmental agency such as a state Department of Aging. Someone will come to your aging parent’s home to interview them and look at their living situation in order to determine what their elderly care needs are, and what services they are eligible for. They may ask questions about your aging loved ones’ finances, as these programs are means tested and funded by the state.

Once the assessment is complete, your parents will receive a care plan that shows what services they are eligible for. They’ll also be asked to pick a licensed home care agency, such as Home Care Powered by AUAF, to work with.

Our home care agency will meet with your family members, go over the care plan with them to ensure that they understand what services they will receive, and work with them to choose a caregiver they are comfortable having in their home. We will never assign a caregiver without your parents’ approval. We will also work out a schedule that matches the care plan so that your parents will know when to expect the caregiver.

Neither your parents nor you will need to worry about paying the caregiver, as services are funded by the state, and the caregiver is paid directly by Home Care Powered by AUAF, you should have peace of mind.

Becoming a Paid Caregiver for Your Elderly Parents

In certain cases, you may be able to act as a paid caregiver for your elderly parents. This can help alleviate financial pressure on you, as many family caregivers end up missing work or school commitments in order to provide care. Our home care agency provides the training and certification required for you to become a paid caregiver for your elderly parents at no cost to you.

Home Care Powered by AUAF Can Get Your Parents the Help They Need

Whether it’s providing an in-home caregiver for older adults, or helping you to become a caregiver yourself, we provide the expertise that will get your parents the help they need. Call us at 773-274-9262 or contact us to find out more about Home Care Powered by AUAF.

Why Choose Homecare Services over Nursing Homes?

As we grow older, many unexpected changes start to occur physically and emotionally. As time goes on, it can become more and more difficult for us to cope with these changes alone. Aging can be hard for the individual to accept. And it can be equally difficult for loved ones to witness. Accepting help is never easy; but it can allow an aging relative and their family to have more time together enjoying the little things. Our mission as a home care agency is to help provide limitless love and support for our beloved elderlies as they move into this phase of their life. As an alternative to nursing homes, In-home care services allow seniors to live longer in the comfort of their own home.

What Is It Like to Have Senior Home Care Services?

Imagine sleeping in your own comfortable bed, staying close to your loved ones: your family, friends, and neighbors independently by seeking help from a professional in-home caregiver. Whether you are perfectly healthy and would appreciate companion care services for minor assistance with your daily tasks, or are severely ill and in need of a reliable source of in-home care services to get through the day, Home Care Powered by AUAF is here for you.

Caregiver Employment

Home Care Powered by AUAF offers a competitive hourly rate of $18 an hour to our caregivers. This rate is dependent upon performance. Successful performance is completion and submission of monthly task sheets and timely punch in and out. We also offer additional compensation for traveling time and mileage. This amount is higher than the average pay rate for senior care caregivers around the country.

The Benefits of Becoming a Formal Caregiver

The introduction of family caregivers provides financial assistance and respite care to those who may have already started; or who want to care for their parents full time. Thus, it provides a great way for parents to remain at home; while having care recipients from someone they are already familiar with.

Oftentimes as our loved ones grow older, we naturally begin to take on tasks for them. This can include helping them with laundry, basic grooming, meal preparation, or even transportation to and from places.

These are the exact types of tasks that family members take on when becoming a caregiver. These tasks can often be time consuming. Thus, that’s why opting into a full-time or part-time job as a caregiver for your loved one is an option; that may be necessary for you.

Additionally, the AARP found that one in five (unpaid) caregivers reported financial strain due to care giving. That’s why the introduction of formal family care giving was incredibly important. Care giving is no easy task and requires dedication and time.

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