How to Help Your Loved One with Medication Management

As we age, it is common to require medication to stay as healthy as possible. According to a study by the Lown Institute, more than four in 10 older adults take at least five prescription medications. This doesn’t even take into account those without a health condition who take vitamins to stay in tip-top shape.

No matter which camp your elderly loved one falls into, they likely find themselves overwhelmed by keeping track of everything. If you have recently transitioned into a caregiving role, you may find the process daunting yourself. Learning how to help your loved one with medication management will make both your lives easier and will help ensure they stay healthy.

How to Help Your Loved One with Medication Management

Keep all medications in one place

The process of maintaining your loved one’s medication is much more complex if you don’t keep them all in one location. Don’t store some in the bedroom, some in the bathroom, and some in the kitchen. Choose the location where your loved one is most likely to remember and keep them in an easy-to-find container.

Remember that medications need to be stored in a cool, dry place. Bathrooms may not be ideal, but kitchen cabinets or bedside tables could be.

Make a list of all the medications your loved one takes that you update as any changes arise. This list should include not only whatever prescription drugs they take, but vitamins and over-the-counter medicines. You should have a copy of this list on the medication container and another copy you keep with you in case of an emergency.

Use pill organizers

With so many medications to take, it can be difficult to remember if a pill has already been taken. Luckily, pill organizers make that easy. These organizational tools break up days of the week into tiny compartments, so your loved one knows exactly how much medication to take and when. They can be separated into day and night doses, and even more specialized from there.

If your loved one is comfortable with their smartphone or tablet, you can use an app. These management services set off reminders when medication needs to be taken. If you’re ever out of the home when your loved one needs their medication, this will come in handy.

Make medication management simple

Stay up to date with refills

Depending on their condition, running out of medication can have serious side effects and implications on your loved one’s health. While pill organizers and apps will help you keep track of when a refill is needed, it is still important to make note of this on your own. So, keep in touch with your loved one’s doctor or pharmacist, and consider asking if you can get them longer supplies. Certain medications will allow you to get up to 90-day supplies.

For support with your loved one, hire the help of a caregiver

Managing all the aspects of care on one’s own is a daunting process. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by maintaining your loved one’s well-being on your own, consider hiring an at-home caregiver.

At Home Care Powered by AUAF, our staff proudly offers seniors assistance with the variety of activities of daily living they require aid with– including medication reminders. We’d be happy to do the same for your loved one. For more information, give us a call at 773-274-9262.

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