How to Help Seniors Around the Home During Christmas

Help at home for seniors during Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year for those of all ages. Families cross the country to come together, celebrate, and create lasting memories. This time of year is especially meaningful to seniors, who otherwise may not see their family and friends as often as they’d like. However, the holiday can also pose a great deal of challenges for seniors.

If you’re celebrating the holiday season with an elderly loved one, you’re likely aware of these stressors. Making an effort to learn how to help seniors around the home during Christmas will not only make their lives easier, but make for a happier holiday season.

How to Help Seniors Around the Home During Christmas

Make sure the home is ready for holiday festivities

Whether your elderly loved one is planning on hosting a large family gathering or just wants to spin some festive cheer into their lives, you can help make the season feel merry and bright. Take some time to help your loved one clean away any dust or debris that tends to accumulate. They will be spending more time in their homes than ever, so it’s important their space is healthy for them.

Once their home is clean, the two of you can start decorating. Decorating for any season or holiday is a fantastic activity for seniors. It forces them to engage their creativity, their problem-solving, as well as their hand-eye coordination. For some additional holiday fun, take time to craft some new decorations together.

Whenever it’s time to decorate, do so with care. Make sure the Christmas tree stand is sturdy and offer to take care of the decorations on the highest branches. Ensuring anything hanging on the wall is fastened securely so it won’t fall if accidentally bumped. The same goes for any outdoor decorations.

Offer a hand with the shopping

Navigating stores might already pose a challenge for your elderly loved one without having to compete with the holiday traffic. Grocery stores are packed with families stocking their kitchens, and big box stores with individuals looking for toys for their children. Even pharmacies are busy with people filling their prescriptions before the holiday season.

Eliminate your loved one’s stress of going to and from the store by taking over the shopping for them. Have them create a list of everything they need (whether it’s food or gifts for their grandchildren) and brave the cold, busy streets for them.

Helping around the home is about more than cleaning

While it is certainly helpful, preparing the home for holiday celebrations is only part of helping your elderly loved one during Christmas. Make a point to include your loved one in the holiday festivities so they never feel they’re missing out.

Quality elderly care at Christmas

Ask them about family traditions gone by

There may be certain activities your loved one enjoyed every Christmas with their parents when they were young, or with their children when they first had their own family. Times changed and perhaps made those traditions obsolete, but they don’t have to be gone forever.

Encourage them to impart some of these traditions so you may celebrate the season in a way that feels familiar to them. Seniors love to share stories of times gone by and may get great satisfaction from bringing back these traditions.

Send Christmas cards to family and friends

Though it may be seen as antiquated to some, many still love the tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards. Encourage your loved one to write Christmas cards sharing the news of their year with their family members and friends. This could inspire conversation between two individuals who may have not spent quality time together in a long time. That kind of connection means a great deal to older adults.

Help them accept their feelings

Just as it is a fun time of year for seniors, Christmas can be a painful time of year for many older adults that reminds them of those they have lost. Assure them that whatever they feel during the holiday festivities is completely valid. If they’re willing to talk about it, lend them an ear. If not, assure them that you will be there for them no matter what.

Give the gift of care this season

In the spirit of the holiday season, it’s important to acknowledge that, sometimes, seniors require professional home care services. Home Care Powered by AUAF understands the unique needs of seniors and is dedicated to providing the highest standards of care.

To learn more about our home care services and how we can assist you and your loved ones during the holidays and beyond, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 773-274-9262.

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