How to Become a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member in Illinois?


When a parent or loved one begins to get older, common questions arise, “can a family member be a paid caregiver for that loved one?”. The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Becoming a homecare aide for a loved one requires time, dedication, and patience.

If you have that time, dedication, and patience, being a caregiver for your family member can be a rewarding experience. Many seniors feel more comfortable with close family members when it comes to their care. Family members may just know their loved one in ways that an outside caregiver may not. All of our caregivers at Homecare Powered by AUAF are trained to meet the needs of your loved one. But, becoming the caregiver for your family member may be the best option for them.

The Caregiver Tasks You May Already be Doing for Your Parent

Oftentimes as our loved ones grow older, we begin to take on tasks for them. This can include helping them with laundry, basic grooming, meal preparation, or even transportation to and from places. These are the exact types of tasks that family members take on when becoming a caregiver. Take a look at a more comprehensive list of the tasks our caregivers routinely perform.

These tasks can often be time consuming. That’s why opting into a full-time or part time job as a caregiver for your loved one is an option that may be necessary for you. Caregiving is no easy task. So, we want to answer any questions you may have along the way.

What Are the Steps or Requirements for a Family Member Becoming a Paid Caregiver With Homecare Powered by AUAF?

Simply put, seniors that are enrolled into the community care program can elect a preferred homecare aide.  People who are both medicaid and non-medicaid eligible can be enrolled in the program.

From that point on, you will have to apply to be a caregiver with Homecare Powered by AUAF. You will also have to undergo hiring and training. If you are a legal adult (18+), all you have to do is give us a call and indicate you would like to come in and fill out an application to be a caregiver for your parent. The enrollment of your parent in the community care program and you applying to be a caregiver can be done at the same time. We will walk you through all the steps once you come in to fill out an application.

If you have issues with transportation and can’t make it to our AUAF location in Lincolnwood, give us a call at 773.274.9262 and we can send a representative over to you to start the application process.

Support with Home Care Powered by AUAF

There are certain state caregiver requirements that you will have to meet to care for your elderly parent. You will have to meet the minimum of 8 hours of training required by any Illinois caregiver in addition to AUAF training. Though, you don’t need to worry about finding and completing any of the requirements on your own. Once your application is approved and you are hired, AUAF will provide you with the necessary training to complete.

At Homecare Powered by AUAF, our caregivers all go through a mandatory training. There is no license that in-home caregivers can receive. You will just complete the certification that shows yo’ve met basic Illinois and AUAF requirements. We require training so that our services remain consistent and of the best quality to all of our clients.

Caregiver Employment

Your requirements will be the same as any other caregiver. You will be paid hourly. And throughout the year, you will complete further training sessions. These training sessions are to keep you up to date on new findings and protocols. You can complete your training either online or in person.

$18 Family Caregiver Pay Rate

Home Care Powered by AUAF offers a competitive hourly rate of $18 an hour to our in-home caregivers. This rate is dependent upon performance. Successful performance is completions and submission of monthly task sheets and timely punch in and out. We also offer additional compensation for traveling time and mileage.

Take note that this amount is higher than the average pay rate for caregivers around the country. At Home Care Powered by AUAF, we are dedicated to providing the best senior home care services through our caregivers to those we care for. Whether you are in Chicago or beyond, we serve many communities in Illinois. Take a look at the different communities we serve.

The Caregiving Options You Have

Ultimately, you may decide caregiving may not be for you. If you find that you may not be the right fit for your parent, you have options. We have trained caregivers for you.

Many people looking to be caregivers often do so because of a family member that may have a disability. It’s important to note that we can provide caregivers for a parent with a disability. More commonly this will be with elders that have dementia or Alzheimer’s. But if you have a question about your specific situation, be sure to give us a call at 773.274.9262.

Why Choose AUAF When becoming a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member?

We have been a premier homecare agency in Chicago for over 25 years. As members of CLESE, which is the Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly, we have serve underrepresented communities from our beginnings. Above all, this means that our service meets the needs not recognized by other agencies. If you aren’t able to come in to our agency for any reason, we can send a representative to you.

To learn more give us a call at 773.274.9262 or contact us here.

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