How Do I Know if I Should Hire a Caregiver?

For many seniors, aging in the comfort of their homes is the ideal outcome. They’re comforted by the familiar rooms, their things, and the memories they’ve built. However, there gets to be a point where certain activities of daily living aren’t as simple as they used to be. Bathing is a chore. Cleaning the kitchen is exhausting. Running errands is laborious. These sorts of developments are normal, however, there gets to be a point where you may wonder “how do I know if I should hire a caregiver?”

Many individuals have the belief that caregivers are reserved for those in the most serious of circumstances. While caregivers are certainly important in these instances, they can be beneficial to individuals with a wide variety of needs.

How Do I Know if I Should Hire a Caregiver?

Signs that it might be time to hire a caregiver

Coming to the conclusion that a caregiver is needed to continue living in one’s home is a deeply personal decision. The reasons vary from person to person, but there are a few key signs to look out for. If you notice these problems in yourself, or your loved one, it may be time to hire a caregiver.

You struggle to maintain your home environment

The cleanliness and organization of your home impact your overall health more than you may realize. Clutter—including piles of mail, piles of laundry, or simply items strewn about– can lead to feelings of frustration, increase anxiety levels, and negatively impact your ability to focus. Things like dirty dishes, piles of trash, and spoiled food can lead to illness.

Taking care of housekeeping responsibilities can be exhausting for seniors. Cleaning the home is physically taxing and organizing clutter is overwhelming. If you find managing these tasks too daunting, you could benefit from the help of an at-home caregiver. These professionals assist with light housekeeping tasks so your home stays clean.

Taking care of personal hygiene isn’t as easy as it used to be

Taking care of our personal hygiene is a daily responsibility that not only helps us feel good but is necessary for our overall health. Washing off the germs of the day is important for keeping you safe from illness and infection. However, certain physical limitations can make managing these personal care activities feel impossible.

An at-home caregiver can help you feel comfortable in your skin by providing dignified help with personal care activities like bathing, dressing, and toileting. With their assistance, you can move about your life with confidence knowing you look and feel good.

You have problems with balance and mobility

Seniors are far more likely to experience a serious slip and fall than those of any other age bracket. Older adults may struggle with balance due to certain health conditions—like diabetes or heart disease—or physical pain brought on by arthritis.

If you experience pain when walking, sitting, or rising from a resting position, or if you drag your feet while walking, you may be at a higher fall risk. Don’t let this be a problem you struggle through. By hiring an at-home caregiver, you will have assistance with getting around the home with ease. Instead of you having to brave the store, your caregiver can run those errands for you.

Hiring a caregiver might be the right choice for you

You’ve missed medication on more than one occasion

It’s normal to forget to take a dose of medication every now and again—especially if one’s routine is disrupted. This should not, however, be a normal occurrence. Forgetting whether or not you’ve taken your medication, or how much to take and when can lead to serious health complications.

Home care services can remove that worry. In addition to simply reminding you to take your medication, they can work with you to create a system for medication reminders and help you organize your medication into easy-to-use pill boxes. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting a dosage even when they aren’t present.

Cooking is difficult or no longer enjoyable

For many seniors, cooking is no longer a labor of love—it’s just a labor. Whether this is due to physical limitations or simply a lack of desire after decades of cooking, many find they don’t have the energy to keep up with this task. This leads many seniors to turn to microwavable meals and fast food instead of healthier dishes.

You don’t have to hire a personal chef to have delicious, healthy meals. Your at-home caregiver can help here too. Between meal planning, picking up groceries, cooking, and cleaning, they can assist at any point in the cooking process that you need them to.

You’re experiencing higher feelings of depression and loneliness

Staying at home is often the dream, but there can be serious problems when you live alone. Many seniors—especially those who struggle with mobility issues—often end up feeling isolated at home. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, which can have severe effects on one’s overall health.

A caregiver can do so much more than maintain your home and personal care: they can even act as a companion. This professional will gladly provide you someone to enjoy activities with, have meaningful conversations, and experience emotional support. If you’ve been struggling with feelings of depression, it may be time to hire a caregiver.

Home Care Powered by AUAF is here for Chicago seniors

If you find you struggle with any of the above activities, it may be a good idea to speak with a professional home care agency about a plan for you. For 30 years, Home Care Powered by AUAF has provided seniors in the greater Chicago area with the support they need to live at home.

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