How Do I Become a Paid Family Caregiver in Illinois? 

How Do I Become a Paid Family Caregiver in Illinois?

Every year, thousands of Americans take on a role unlike any they’ve ever experienced. After years of receiving care from their parents, they must take on the role of caregiver.

Activities of daily living– like bathing, meal preparation, or remembering to take one’s medication– can suddenly be difficult for seniors. In order to live comfortably at home, they need assistance with these tasks. And while the children of older adults are happy to take care of their parents, adding this responsibility can be daunting. In some cases, they may have to take time away from work to care for their loved one.

When this occurs, one may start to wonder: how do I become a paid family caregiver in Illinois? Thankfully, the process is easier than initially expected.

How to become a paid family caregiver in Illinois

First and foremost, the senior and the family caregiver must apply to the Community Care Program. This program, organized by the Illinois Department on Aging, helps match seniors with caregivers so they can receive the support they need in the comfort of their homes as opposed to having to live at a nursing facility.

Before becoming a caregiver for a family member in Illinois, the senior must meet the proper eligibility requirements. To qualify for the community care program, the senior must be 60 years of age or older. They must hold U.S. citizenship (or be an eligible non-citizen), and be an Illinois resident. Then, they must be assessed for a need for long-term care services and have non-exempt assets of $17,500 or less.

If the senior meets these eligibility requirements, the family caregiver can begin working with a home care agency. In order to qualify for eligibility and training, the caregiver must be at least 18 years old and have requisite education or experience (high school diploma, GED, or one-year of comparable experience). They must be an Illinois resident and be authorized to work in the United States. Once they’ve cleared all these requirements, they must pass a background check.

Becoming a family caregiver is rewarding

Caregiver training

At this point, the family caregiver must complete the orientation and training process. Once they’ve completed their training hours and tests, the family caregiver can offer their loved one a higher standard of care and get paid while doing so.

Home Care Powered by AUAF is one of the contracted home care agencies that can help you be compensated for your work. We help our clients every step of the way, and we don’t just let you go once you complete training. We offer continued support and training so that you are always providing your loved one the best care possible.

Our staff wants nothing more than for you and your loved one to be healthy and happy. If you’re feeling burnt out from your work, don’t suffer in silence. We work with you to find the respite caregiver that matches your loved one’s needs and personality.

If becoming a paid family caregiver is something that you think would benefit you and your loved one, call us at 773-274-9262. We’d love to start the process with you!

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