How Can In-Home Care Workers Help Seniors with Errands?

How Can In-Home Care Workers Help Seniors with Errands?

For some, hopping from store to store to fulfill one’s errands is a fun activity. However, as we age, running errands is not as enjoyable as it once was. Mobility issues make “hopping between stores” not quite so simple, and the constant action can be draining.

Despite their importance, seniors may avoid going to the grocery store, the post office, or the pharmacy due to physical limitations. If this has grown to be the case for you, it may be time to ask the question: how can in-home care workers help seniors with errands?

How Can In-Home Care Workers Help Seniors with Errands?

Home caregivers help seniors run errands

Let’s say you create your to-do list. Upon completion, you realize you need to pick up a prescription, stamps, and clothes from the dry cleaner. Afterward, you need to go grocery shopping. If you no longer drive, you have to discern how to make the most of your trip while utilizing public transportation. This can be difficult for seniors who are not accustomed to technology. If you utilize a walker or a wheelchair, you have to consider whether or not these buildings are handicap accessible.

Instead of stressing about all the fine details of navigating this trip, provide your caregiver with a list of errands. Your caregiver will manage these tasks in a timely, efficient manner, allowing you to focus on whatever is more important.

Home care in the Chicago area

No matter what you need a home caregiver for, the same remains: these professionals are there to make your life easier. Home Care Powered by AUAF has serviced the greater Chicago area as the leading provider of non-medical home care for nearly 30 years. Our highly trained staff not only has the skills but the compassion necessary to help seniors live safely and comfortably in their own homes.

We are more than happy to help seniors with errands, and any other activities of daily living that you require help with. These include:

  • Personal care
  • Medication reminders and management
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Brain games and activities
  • Companionship and social interaction

After so many years of caring for others, let someone else take care of you. To learn more about our services and our family caregiver program, call us at 773-274-9262.

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