How Can Caregivers Help Seniors During the Holiday Season?

How Can Caregivers Help Seniors During the Holiday Season?

Two weeks into December, we are fully in the trenches of the holiday season. This exciting time of year brings friends and family together in a sea of events. For many seniors, the gathering point of the holiday season is their home. Depending on the group, this could mean their grandchildren, siblings, and more extended family all under their roof.

While this prospect is exciting to many seniors, it can also be quite overwhelming. Things aren’t as easy as they used to be. Cooking and keeping a house clean can be exhausting, and having to maintain one’s personal health on top of it all seems impossible. So, how can caregivers help seniors during the holiday season?

How Can Caregivers Help Seniors During the Holiday Season?

Take over the grocery shopping

This time of year, the grocery store can feel like a nightmare. Hundreds of shoppers seem to be constantly yanking supplies off the shelves for their big meals and parties. For many seniors, this is intimidating. Their mobility isn’t what it once was, making it difficult to get around the aisles of the grocery store. Then, it’s tiring to wait in the long lines and carry the bags.

Instead of having to worry about all these stressful moving parts, you can hand off your grocery list to your at-home caregiver. They will pick up whatever you need from the store and help put everything in its place once they get back home.

Clean up before guests arrive

Maintaining the home is an exhausting feat. Between doing the dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and all the other intricate details, it is especially challenging to keep up with everything during the holiday season.

Thankfully, your at-home caregiver can take care of your light housekeeping. Between guests and parties, your caregiver can ensure the kitchen is free of spoiled food, the bathroom is sanitized, and the living room is free of clutter. This way, you can enjoy a clean, comfortable home without having to expend all your energy making it that way.

Run errands while you are preoccupied

With so much going on, it’s easy to forget to pick up that one ingredient. If you have guests in the home, it can be hard to get away to take care of the little errands that pile up throughout the week. But when you have an at-home caregiver, you don’t have to worry about it.

Your caregiver can pick up that little something from the store, drop presents off for shipping at the post office, and pick up medicine from the pharmacy when your prescription runs out. This allows you to enjoy the holiday season without any interruptions.

Bake for upcoming events

Cookies are practically synonymous with Christmas at this point. If you’re going to a Christmas gathering or having people over, you may want to share your tried and true family recipes. However, the constant attention that baking requires can be a lot for seniors.

At-home caregivers can help with any baking or meal preparation you require—whether that means aiding you in the kitchen or taking care of it all themselves. Caregivers can plan, cook, and clean up after a meal as needed.

Caregivers can help seniors prepare for the holidays

Help you feel good this holiday season

It’s all too easy to let some personal care activities fall to the side during the holiday season. Don’t stress about taking care of these needs—your caregiver happily offers compassionate, dignified help with each of them. From bathing to toileting, you can be sure you’re well taken care of.

Before you have any company, your caregiver will help make sure you look and feel your best. They can help dress you in your favorite clothes as well as style your hair so you feel confident.

Combat loneliness

In spite of all the fun and positive memories, the holiday season can be a lonely time. Memories of lost loved ones and traditions gone by are painful, and they only worsen once your loved ones go home.

Your at-home caregiver can help combat feelings of loneliness. In addition to helping with the activities of daily living, your caregiver is a companion. They are happy to engage in conversation with you or to simply offer a listening ear. They’ll gladly partake in your favorite holiday activities with you, be that watching a cherished movie or going for a walk to look at Christmas lights.

Compassionate, reliable care in your home

Whatever your home care needs are, Home Care Powered by AUAF is here to help. For nearly 30 years, we have proudly offered our aid to seniors in the greater Chicago area. It is our mission to ensure they are comfortable and confident in their home.

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