Homecare Powered by AUAF Rooted in Meeting the Needs of the Elderly Community

Homecare Powered by AUAF Rooted in Meeting the Needs of the Elderly Community

AUAF as a Part of the Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly

We recognize the diversity and the vast array of people that our elder care services reach. We prove our dedication to eldercare services through our membership in the Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly. This shows how HomeCare powered by AUAF  rooted in meeting the needs of the elderly community.

What is the CLESE?

The Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly started in 1989. It defined its purpose as serving immigrant, refugee, and migrant communities. Hence the group finds the particular needs of underrepresented elderly minority groups in the Chicago metropolitan area. As a result, they educate the public on such matters. Above all, CLESE strives to continually address and find the needs of the elder community.

How Does Homecare Powered by AUAF and CLESE Crossover?

Homecare Powered by AUAF started as a result of the Coalition of Limited Speaking Elderly. This means that our very beginnings in elder care are sparked by an intent to meet the needs of underrepresented communities. Our beginnings rest in the idea that we can serve communities through elder care at home.

Our in-home care aides receive training with the base goals of the CLESE in mind. The wide array of languages that we can provide home care aides meets these goals. This includes English, Assyrian, Arabic, Russian, Persian, and Armenian.

Addressing the Elder Community Through Senior Services

Meeting the needs addressed above is crucial. As learned from our membership in CLESE, ethnic elder communities aren’t served in the same way that mainstream elderly are. Serving elder communities in the language that they speak can make all the difference. Consequently, this is why providing in-home care services like companionship and the completion of daily tasks become crucial. The chance to have a home care aide that can communicate with their ethnic clients provides that comfort we want to give the people we serve.

It also provides these ethnic groups the opportunity of communicating with their home care aides on their own. Hence, they are still exercising that independence and building their confidence within this next stage of their lives. This comfort and independence are one of the many reasons that in-home care is the most popular choice instead of a nursing home or assisted living option.

We take a lot of pride in taking care of all our elder community members. But, we take our work with home care assistance for the elderly as a way to make sure we meet the challenges faced by the communities identified by the CLESE. As a result, it is very clear that Homecare Powered by AUAF rooted in meeting the needs of the elderly community

Look at the specific types of senior services we provide in our line of elder care or what an in-home caregiver career looks like at Homecare Powered by AUAF. If you would like to talk directly to someone at Homecare Powered by AUAF, or have any questions about the information above, give us a call at 773.274.9262

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