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Home care services for elderly

Self-Love for Seniors

With the official start of the year comes an important reminder: to look at oneself with love and grace. To encourage the care and affection

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Vow Renewal Ideas for Seniors

As an older adult, it’s likely you’ve spent decades of your life—perhaps even the vast majority of it—alongside another individual, and that’s no easy feat.

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How to Enjoy the Winter

It’s easy to romanticize the cold weather during the holiday season. The frost and snow add an extra layer of magic to the beauty of

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Getting Outside in the Winter

Once temperatures dip below freezing, many resign themselves to “hibernating” (or really, staying indoors) until the first sign of spring. Winter is a difficult season

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Style for Seniors

There’s a misconception about seniors that when you reach a certain age all your desire to maintain your sense of style disappears. However, for many

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