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Do Caregivers Get Paid?

At first, taking care of an elderly loved one might not seem too much of an undertaking. It may begin with simple tasks like picking

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Conflict in Caring for Elderly Parents

When it comes to any decision for your elderly parent, you will most likely run into some sort of conflict. Whether the conflict comes from disagreements with siblings and family members, or from something else, just remember your goal. You want to do what is best for your parent. You will want to approach any and all discussions with an open mind. That way, there will be no component of care that you may have over looked. 

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Who Can Become a Caregiver for Their Parent

The Process Behind Becoming a Caregiver For Your Parent

While each organization is different, you can learn about the process of becoming a caregiver for your parent at Homecare Powered by AUAF. To initially start the process of becoming a caregiver for your parent, you will come in for an initial interview at AUAF followed by an application process.

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