Home Care: Bringing Your Own Clients to a Company

Do you already provide home care to a number or people? Or maybe you already have a person or potential clients you are planning on providing home care to? In the case that any of the scenarios above ring true, you should consider the benefits of bringing your own clients to a company, such as an established home care agency. Even if you are providing or plan on providing care to a parent or relative, bringing your own home care client to a company can be a reality for you.

The Benefits of Joining a Home Care Agency

Many people start off providing home care to either their parents, relatives, or people they know in an informal setting. This can be a good start. But, the benefits of being a part of a home care agency outweigh those of providing care on your own. For example, a home care agency can provide you with many things that you can’t get on your own. Most reputable home care agencies, like Homecare Powered by AUAF, provide necessary training for our caregivers. This means our caregivers are equipped with the latest knowledge on how to approach any situation. We take the guesswork out of how to respond to situations.

Beyond that, a home care agency provides you with a base hourly salary. And you can earn more when you meet certain requirements. Homecare Powered by AUAF goes as far as to offer an hourly rate of $15. This is higher than other agencies within the home care industry.

More Benefits

Furthermore, being a part of an agency means payment and all monetary matters when it comes to your client paying are matters that you don’t have to deal with. In informal settings where you provide home care to someone you know or someone you found that needs home care, that’s not the case. You would have to handle all of those matters on your own. Beyond that there is no way to hold people accountable for the day to day care you provide.

Some people want to run their own home care business, but don’t understand that being a part of established home care agencies provides one of the best options. Running a care company is no easy feat. This is why when you have the opportunity to join a reputable company that provides care services, you put yourself in a great position. You won’t need to make things like business cards, manage hours upon hours of social media, or have the added stress of being a business owner and all the consequences that come along with it.

The Benefits to Your Clients

Because you are a caregiver, you probably have a natural instinct to provide the best care you can. Becoming a part of a home care agency, and bringing those clients with you to a company can make things even better. This is because an agency can help in terms of getting seniors approved for care through governmental programs. Many people pay for home care out of pocket, not realizing there are programs in place to help them receive care. In fact there are many people that probably can’t afford care but pay for it because they need it. That’s why Medicaid has programs that cover the costs of non medical home care. And you can still be their senior care provider through the agency.

Why Homecare Powered by AUAF

When deciding which home care agency to go with, be sure to do your research. When taking a look at Homecare Powered by AUAF, don’t over look the fact that we have been providing care for over 25 years. And in that 25 years we have showed a dedication to our clients through our approach to care. We have our roots vested in something called CLESE, the Coalition on Limited English Speaking Elderly. We looked to CLESE to help use understand the barriers to home care in communities that traditionally were underrepresented. And we carry those same goals of wanting to reach and provide home care to everyone that needs it in the best possible way we can. We will continue with those goals in mind.

What We Don’t Do

It’s important to note that we provide non-medical home care. That means we provide care and hire caregivers that will provide aid in tasks like grooming, medication reminders, and other day to day tasks.

We don’t provide home health care. But take note that many nurse’s and CNAs make the transition from being health care professionals to in-home care professionals or do it simultaneously. In fact, if you are already a nurse or CNA, you may have fewer hours of required training. This is because in-home care and health care do have some overlapping qualities.

Conclusion: Bringing Your Own Clients to a Company

Elder care is becoming an important part of our society. We are all looking to try and provide the best, high quality service we can.

If you are already contemplating whether or not you should bring your clients to a reputable home care agency with you, you seem to know the answer. An agency with an already established name in the industry can do wonders for you and your clients.

If you have decided you want to become a caregiver by bringing your own clients to our company, let us know. And if you have any questions for us give us a call at : 773.274.9262

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