Having a Safe New Years Eve Celebration with Seniors

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There hardly feels like a better send-off for the holiday season than a New Year’s Eve celebration. For one night, we gather with friends and family to celebrate all we’ve accomplished in the last year, and all that is to come in the next one. For seniors, this time spent with loved ones is especially valuable.

If you’re ringing in the New Year with an elderly loved one, you are certain to have a night you won’t forget. However, there are certain considerations one must take into account when having a safe New Year’s Eve celebration with seniors. This is especially the case if your loved one is experiencing Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another form of cognitive decline.

Having a Safe New Years Eve Celebration with Seniors

Try to stay off the road

For the sake of you and your elderly loved one’s safety, try to stay off the road. Not only will they be busy with people traveling to parties, but as the night goes on, there may be drunk drivers on the road. If your loved one is attending a New Year event, try to get there earlier in the evening. Consider leaving before the New Year strikes to beat the traffic.

Alternatively, attending a brunch or afternoon party would be a great way to celebrate the holiday without having to worry about dangerous drivers as much.

Limit noisy activities

While noise-makers and fireworks are practically synonymous with New Year’s Eve, they could be frightening to those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. The average noise of music and conversation shouldn’t be too overwhelming, but the sudden, loud noises could be. So, try to plan your fun activities without anything too startling. If you’re looking for something with a “pop,” consider decorating a space with bright, glittery colors. Provide flavorful food that packs a punch as well.

Stick to their schedule

If your elderly loved one has a particular routine—such as taking medicine or eating meals at specific times—stick to that schedule as much as possible. Though the holidays cause everyone to lose track of time and fall off their schedules, there can be serious repercussions if older adults lose theirs.

No matter your plans, make a point to keep up with your loved one’s schedule. Hold yourself accountable by setting alarms on your phone. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing track of time while enjoying party games.

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Celebrate another time zone’s New Year

Though your loved one may want to watch the clock strike midnight and ring in the New Year with others, staying up late can be hard. Instead of trying to stay awake and disturbing their schedule, celebrate another time zone’s New Year. The country in the furthest time zone is the island country Kiritimati, which hits the New Year when it’s only 4:00 a.m. in Chicago!

Throw a party your elderly loved one can enjoy to the fullest extent by hosting it “in another time zone.” Have them choose which country’s time zone they’d like to follow to keep them involved in event planning.

Happy New Year from your friends at Home Care Powered by AUAF

All of us at Home Care Powered by AUAF wish you a happy and safe New Year. We hope this year is full of laughter and love for both you and your elderly loved one.

This year, if you struggle with the demands of caring for a senior, consider investing in-home care services. At Home Care Powered by AUAF, we offer senior citizens the support they need to age in place, and would be happy to offer your loved one the same care. For more information, call us at (773) 274-9262.

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