Have a Safe Halloween with Seniors

Halloween is just around the corner. By now, you’ve likely made plans with loved ones and are looking forward to a night of seasonal fun. Whether that means a party or spooky movies, it’ll still be a great time!

However, if you have an elderly loved one, you might be concerned about enjoying the holiday with them. Halloween can be a little nerve-wracking for seniors—and it’s more than the spooky decorations and frightful movies. Follow these tips to make sure you have a safe Halloween with seniors, as well as a fun one.

Have a Safe Halloween with Seniors

Keep their spooky décor safe

It’s fun to take the time to express yourself through Halloween decorations. Some prefer a warmer, fall-oriented look, while other want their homes to look like haunted houses. Whatever your loved one’s preference is, make sure the decorations are safely arranged.

Walkways should be cleared of tripping hazards, nothing should be blocking heating elements, and doorways should be easily accessible. You can still decorate precisely how you’d like, so long as you are mindful of these safety concerns.

Make sure costumes are comfortable

If your loved one is excited by the prospect of dressing up for the holiday, encourage them to pick a costume that will be easy to navigate. They should not have concerns about walking, and using the restroom should still be a relatively simple task.

When picking out a costume, it shouldn’t be too long, too tight, too loose, or too overburdened by accessories that may get caught on something. You may have to get creative with certain costumes in order to ensure your loved one is as safe as possible.

Avoid driving

If your loved one still drives, encourage them to stay off the roads for the night. Trick-or-treaters should hit the road at about five p.m. and will likely be out until about nine—however, you will find them out before and after these times.

Children running about, as well as other drivers, is a lot for your aging loved one to be concerned with. Encourage them to stay out of their car for the night. If possible, walk wherever they need to go. If not, consider getting a ride.

Seniors can have a safe Halloween while still having fun

Celebrating Halloween with those who have dementia

Halloween might look a little different when you have a loved one who has dementia. You should avoid leaving them alone for the night, as the loud noises, costumes, and abundance of strangers trick-or-treating can be disorienting and frightening to them. It is better to have someone in the home with them to remind them of the holiday.

Avoid Halloween décor for those with dementia, as the strange shapes and shadows of the decorations might scare them. Don’t play scary music in anticipation of trick-or-treaters, and be there to answer the door with them to hand out candy.

Home care around the holidays

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. There may be days where you can’t be there for your elderly loved one as much as you’d like to. When that is the case, hire the help of an at-home caregiver so you can both enjoy Halloween better.

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