Growing Older in Niles, IL

With the village motto “it’s possible here” Niles boasts a community where they believe you can do and achieve anything you want. This includes living out your senior years to their full potential.

As home to a vast multi-cultural community situated on a Chicago border, Niles has much to offer its citizens of any age. But, for its senior citizens it offers the comfort of a community that yearns to serve and create meaningful senior programs.

Homecare Powered by AUAF

As a provider of Homecare for over 25 years, we at Homecare Powered by AUAF have a dedication to serving the elderly adults of all the communities that we reach. Hence, we are proud to be a caregiver agency to Niles, IL.

We have followed CLESE, the Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly closely to enact procedure that would make home care more accessible to minority and immigrant communities that we serve. Hence, as a village known to be “built upon multi-cultural neighborhoods” this is incredibly important to providing appropriate care to the citizens of Niles.

The Type of Care Offered by Caregiver Agencies in Niles, IL

At Home Care Powered by AUAF, our caregivers provide home care assistance with a wide variety of non-medical related activities. Moreover, our caregivers are flexible and work to meet individual, varied needs. Thus, this is how we create the optimal services for you or your loved one to continue enjoying Niles.

What it Means to Receive In-Home Care from Homecare Powered by AUAF

We, at Homecare Powered by AUAF, understand that the needs of everyone that we serve are different.

We also understand the importance of involvement in your specific community. Niles has a variety of programs in place specifically for seniors. Niles boasts a thriving senior center called the “Niles Senior Center” or NSC for short. The NSC provides weekly talks to connect with other NSC members, outdoor program guides, and news on scams for seniors to avoid. Additionally, they provide a variety of other resources and programs for seniors to stay connected during this COVID-19 pandemic. These programs provide a perfect supplement to a senior wanting to continue to age at home.

As caregivers in Niles, IL we see the value in these programs that the community has set up for you. Moreover, we want to add to that value in providing quality service to you.

Our caregiver services are an alternative to an assisted living facility. This means that you or your loved one can maintain independence. Thus, this independence will allow your loved one to continue their involvement in the community as they age. This is why elderly home care services in Niles, IL can be of great assistance to you.

The Reality of Being a Caregiver in Niles, IL with Homecare Powered by AUAF

Maybe you have found yourself wanting to provide elderly in home care services in Niles, IL. On the other hand, you could be considering providing home care services to a parent in the Niles, IL area. Whatever the case, Homecare Powered by AUAF can help you in your process.

Homecare Powered by AUAF offers a competitive hourly rate of $15 an hour to our caregivers. This rate is dependent upon performance. Successful performance is completion and submission of monthly task sheets and timely punch in and out. This amount is higher than the average pay rate for caregivers around the country.


We are proud providers of in-home care services in the Niles, IL area. Hence, we want to provide you and your loved ones with the best service that we can. We work to fulfill the needs of different communities and the diverse communities within them. We recognize Niles as one of those diverse communities dedicated to serving its senior population. Hence, we want to be able to supplement that by providing senior home care services that mirror that dedication and attention to seniors.

If you have any questions about Homecare Powered by AUAF give us a call at 773.274.9262.


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