Group Activities for Seniors

Without work acting as a natural gathering space, many older adults find connecting with friends—both old and new—quite challenging. Staying connected with others, however, is one of the most important things a senior can do for their well-being. Regularly spending time with friends and family has been shown to improve cognitive ability, mental well-being, and even physical vitality.

Still, one can be completely aware of the importance of quality time with others, yet knowing how to honor that time is difficult. One answer to that problem is finding group activities for seniors to partake in. Whether you host a group activity in your home or join a community, these events are not only a great way to engage with your loved ones, but to maybe make new friends.

Group Activities for Seniors

Attend a movie night

Movies have a great way of bringing people together. Hosting regular movie nights is a great way to create a community and conversation. Think of it almost like a book club. Decide on a group snack, watch the movie, and then hold a discussion afterward. It’s interesting to see how other people interpreted the same thing you just watched.

If you’d rather go out for a movie night, there are still plenty of options. Many community centers offer monthly, or even weekly, screenings of older films during the warmer months of the year.

Try trivia

For an activity that is equal parts fun and exercise for the brain, gather friends for trivia. Whether you enjoy sports, musicals, or more general games, the group can find a trivia series that fits your shared interests.

Trivia nights are just as easy to host in one’s home as they are to attend. You can find dozens of trivia games in one quick Google search to easily fill a night. Alternatively, in looking up trivia events near you, you are bound to find upcoming events at local cafes or bars.

Join a bingo group

Seniors playing bingo seems almost stereotypical at this point, but it isn’t without good reason. Bingo offers seniors a chance at socialization, can improve their memory skills, and can improve their hand-eye coordination. It’s a fantastic game to enjoy among friends, or on one’s own. Thankfully, finding a place to play bingo is quite easy—many community centers offer bingo nights.

Enjoy these group activities with your friends

Start jewelry-making

If you and your friends are looking for an activity that allows you to work with your hands and be creative, jewelry-making could be a great option. Beading together necklaces, bracelets, or earrings allows seniors to work with the fine muscles in their fingers, which may be giving them trouble due to arthritis.

To start jewelry-making nights in the comfort of your home, find a kit at the craft store or online. You can follow tutorials provided by these kits, but there are also plenty of videos to follow online. As you and your friends continue these regular get-togethers, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your skills improve too.

Group walks

You and your friends don’t always have to spend money to have a good time together. Take advantage of the weather this time of year and organize regular walks together. Taking a stroll around a neighborhood, park, or nature preserve will provide you the satisfaction of engaging in thoughtful conversation while still being physically active.

When winter comes along, don’t give up on your walks. If it’s too cold and slippery to bundle up, head to your local gym and walk an indoor track or on a treadmill.

Enjoy the support of an at-home caregiver

For some seniors, one of the reasons they avoid spending time with their friends is that they struggle to complete their activities of daily living. Whether it is trouble bathing, remembering to take one’s medication, or struggling to run errands, aging makes what were once simple tasks difficult.

If you have been struggling to complete any of these activities of daily living, consider calling upon the help of an at-home caregiver. For 30 years, Home Care Powered by AUAF has supported seniors in the greater Chicago area, and we would be happy to support you too. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 773-274-9262.

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