Great Group Classes for Seniors

When one thinks of group classes, the first thing one often conjures is fit young adults participating in intense workouts. However, this is a massive oversimplification. There are group classes for all sorts of topics designed for all age groups. Of course, this includes group classes for seniors.

Group classes are a great way to not only improve upon one’s physical health or develop a new hobby, but to make friends. In a generation where isolation is such a prevalent problem, the sense of community that comes from a group class is especially valuable. If you’d like to join a class, but don’t know where to start, consider these options.


You’ll occasionally hear people joke about yoga being glorified stretching, but it’s so much more than that. The intricate poses and repetitive motions work up a sweat. If you’re looking for a satisfying full-body workout, you can get that from a yoga class.

One of the best parts about yoga is how diverse it can be. There are slower, easier-going classes that are focused more on flexibility. If you want to work on strength training, there are classes perfect for it. Regardless of what you need, yoga will help improve your range of motion.

Zumba (or dance classes)

In recent years, Zumba has taken the nation by storm. People of all ages love the opportunity to partake in an exercise program that doesn’t feel like exercise, since dance is fun. You need no special tools to join a class— all you need is yourself. Just make sure you pick one tailored to your fitness level.

Zumba is especially beneficial to seniors. Those who partake in these classes end up experiencing improved mobility and endurance, two limitations seniors tend to experience as they age. On top of the physical benefits, Zumba classes are a great way to make friends.

Aquatic Aerobics

Despite the importance of regular exercise, many seniors avoid it altogether due to the strain on their sensitive bones and joints. If this sounds like you, consider joining an aquatic aerobics class. Water’s natural buoyancy allows you to move with less impact on your body. This makes it advantageous for older adults with arthritis, sore joints, and other bone-related issues.

These classes aren’t as difficult to find as you may think. Many community centers offer aquatic aerobics among their list of senior fitness classes. What’s more, if these classes take place at an indoor facility it can become a hobby you keep up with throughout the winter.


For those that want to stimulate the creative side of their brain instead of attending exercise classes, painting classes are a great option. These classes are usually separated by skill level and are guided by an instructor. At the end of the class, it’s interesting to see everyone’s interpretation of the same piece.

Painting classes are found at community centers. However, these days it’s easy to find a shop specifically designed to teach painting. It’s a great option for those with limited mobility, as all you need is your hands.


Many find pottery a meditative, relaxing hobby. For seniors who are stressed about the many trying aspects of life, it’s valuable to turn off one’s brain with methodical work.

Similar to painting, pottery classes are perfect for those with limited mobility. Classes take place in a seated position for the bulk of the duration. As you hone your skills, you’ll not only be able to take your creations home for yourself, but for your loved ones. Pottery makes a great gift for the family.

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