Gifts for the Elderly this Holiday season 2021

The magical season of the holidays is fast approaching. Every family has its holiday traditions especially opening gifts during the holidays are the best memories we all cherish. But buying gifts for family members can be stressful, especially for elders. So to make it easy for you, we have you covered with a list of ten gifts for the elderly this Holiday season of 2021.

These ultimate gifts will make your favorite senior feel special and loved this time of year.

Gifts for the aging loved are all about making them feel special and cared for during their golden years of life. Gifts are not just material things they will enjoy, but it gives them a sense of belonging. Ultimately they provide a sense of purpose and joy in their lives, which we all need at times.

Christmas is a time of giving, and many older people in our life deserve our love and gifts this holiday season. But gifts for the elderly can be difficult to find. Hence we have compiled a list of ten items that will make their Christmas magical!

1 Digital Photo frame

Did you know that a digital photo frame is a great gift for the elderly? It allows them to look back on old memories and helps strengthen relationships with family. They are easy to use and look great on a table or desk in the living room.

Not only is this a great gift for the present time memories, but it will also serve as a reminder of the past. Bring those old home movies or old photo albums to life and digitize them. This gift will help them rekindle some nostalgic memories. So go ahead and check this gift out for your loved elder.

2 E-Reader

While the feeling of holding a book in your hand is satisfying but there’s no denying that e-readers are convenient. To demonstrate as an example is the Kindle Paperwhite. It is user-friendly because it’s lightweight, waterproof, and has long battery life. Especially the seniors can get their favorite books instantly, and the ability to read multiple books at a time is priceless.

Kindle Paperwhite is easier to read in the dark and good for e-book and audiobook listeners. Above all, elders do not have to worry about carrying a busy bag filled with different novels and magazines around. Without a doubt, if your elder loves to read, this gift will make them happy.

3 Uber Eats gift cards

Uber eats gift cards or gift certificates are a thoughtful present to give your older adult. This ideal option ensures good memories, whether they order a meal for themselves or put on a full spread for family or friends gatherings.

Above all being elderly can create a lot of sick days and days when cooking is tough. Hence on sick days, food being delivered to their door from their favorite restaurant, especially at their budget preference can be a very thoughtful gift.


4 Care basket

Gift baskets can make anyone feel special and pampered. Make a well-crafted care basket with a handpicked selection of personal items that they can use every day. Some ideas include a fuzzy heated blanket, a snuggly robe, a pair of comfy slippers, a relaxing body oil, and a personalized coffee mug. You can also make a gift basket of anything that interests them, like gourmet chocolates, a selection of cheese and wine, or a basket of skincare regimes.

5 Board Games for the seniors

Games are the perfect gift for seniors of all ages and mobility. Some are great for groups, like when grandkids visit, and others are ideal for quiet time with their friends. The options are many and few evergreen games and help create some cherished memories with your loved ones. Gift them a well-crafted chessboard, a deck of play cards, puzzles, Dominoes, or a scrabble board.

Brain Games for your loved ones are a great way to help their brains stay mentally sharp and keep them entertained with their younger family members!

6 Adult coloring books

Coloring books have become a popular trend for adults, especially during the pandemic. The doodle art can be a creative outlet for any age, and one need not be an artist. An adult coloring book can be a great gift for a wandering mind. Coloring can be very beneficial for people with dementia as it is an engaging activity that anyone can do.

They do not have to be very creative or good at writing. They just have to be able to color in shapes. Be mindful and give adult coloring books and not children coloring books.

7 Succulents plants:

Having indoor plants brighten up any room. Succulents are wonderful gifting options as they come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can survive neglect easily. Gift them a set of succulent plants in a colorful set of pots to add some greenery to their home. This is a thoughtful holiday gift for the elderly who miss gardening and have no more energy to tend a garden.

The succulents don’t require much space and are low maintenance but will fill their home with the greenery they might be missing.

8 A custom Calendar Organizer

It is very easy to forget events and family celebrations when lost in time. A custom calendar can be a perfect gift to ensure your elderly loved ones never miss an occasion or plan to gather. Make planning easy with a custom calendar featuring your customized photos. It’s also just a nice way to keep track of important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates while looking at your favorite photos.

9 A framed painting or custom blanket of their pet

Gift them with a framed artwork, photo, or get a photo blanket featuring their favorite pet. It is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face to see their furry best friend from present or past. Celebrate the life of your four-leg friends and your beloved one with a pet featuring art or a custom-made blanket.

10 Emergency SOS device

This is the most valuable and life-saving senior care gift. These SOS devices come as a belt clip, pendant, or attractive key chains. This can be a constant companion for your seniors when walking, shopping, or at home. Extremely loud 130 dB alarm/siren to immediately draw attention for any emergency. Safe and easy to use for old adults, pull the top to activate the alarm.

Designed to be robust, compact, and lightweight, yet elegant and hip. Throw it in your pocket, purse, bag, or wear it around your neck.

Wonderful experiences

Some gifts cost only your time, and these are the best kind of gifts that create memories for a lifetime. Start a holiday tradition of winter picnic. Plan for a perfect picnic in your backyard under a blue sky, sitting on a bright fuzzy blanket surrounded by shimmering snow. You can gather your friends, family, and elderly by spending time together.

Huddled up around a bonfire, telling Christmas stories, keeping warm with hot mugs of chocolate while bundled up in heated blankets and wooly scarves. It can be the beginning of unique holiday traditions. You can provide this comfort during the entire holiday season without taking the stress by hiring a caregiver.

From medication reminders to light housekeeping, our at-home caregivers can help seniors have a great Holiday season. Contact Home Care Powered by AUAF or call us at 773-274-9262  to learn more about high-quality home care for seniors today.

Visit our blog post for more ideas to spend and have some wonderful experiences with your loved elders.

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