Fun Halloween Decor for Seniors

Halloween for seniors

If you followed our blog about decorating for fall, you’ve created a variety of pieces that will last you through November. That being said, with Halloween around the corner, you may be feeling the bug to add some macabre life to your home. Try this fun Halloween decor for seniors that is easy for those with any mobility concerns.

Remember: when decorating your home, don’t put anything in a location that you could trip over. Avoid obscuring lights or windows, as this could lead to confusion. You can have fun while being safe too!

Fun Halloween Decor for Seniors

Witch potion bottles

Chances are, you have old spice jars, candle holders, or other little containers lying around your house. Find new life for them by turning them into witches’ potions or ingredients. Use gray paint to make them appear more weathered, then fill them with dyed water, glitter, candy worms, and other odds and ends. You can even create a label for them to add to your creepy scene.

Pumpkin diorama

Craft stores have plastic carving pumpkins that you can make a festive display in. Cut a large enough hole for you to create a spooky scene in—such as with fake moss, twigs for trees, and rocks that look like little headstones. Plan ahead so you know what items you’ll need to create the scene of your dreams! This easy Halloween craft makes a huge impact.

Painted baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is an easy way to add a little bit of dimension to your floral arrangements. Darken up the scene by painting the flowers black. Use spray paint so the floral arrangement isn’t weighed down by the color. You can add the baby’s breath to your floral arrangements for additional depth, or you can place it in a case by itself for a unique, dark feel.

Bleach pen napkins

Purchase fabric napkins in any dark or bright color. Then, using a bleach pen, draw your spooky designs (spider webs are a fantastic option). Allow them to sit for a minimum of two hours, preferably longer, so the bleach can turn the fabric white. Before you use them, allow them to rinse and dry.

Try these DIY Halloween decorations for seniors

A cauldron “on fire”

When it’s time to enjoy some tricks or treats, make it a special experience with a cauldron over a fake fire. Use orange, red, and yellow tissue paper to create flames beneath your cauldron. Then, place it inside a grapevine wreath that is circled with flickering LED lights. This will give the effect of crackling fire.

Make a creepy mirror

If you have a hall mirror, you can create the effect of a spooky message in fogged-up glass using matte finishing spray. Tape letters across the mirror (for instance, write “beware”) then spray the surface. Once it has dried, remove the letters for a ghoulish look. The best part about this is that it is easily reversed using glass cleaner.

Make the colder months easier with home care

As the weather grows cold, you may be less inclined to complete your necessary chores. Don’t allow your needs to fall by the wayside. Instead, call upon the help of an at-home caregiver.

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