Fun Christmas Activities for Senior Citizens 2021

Fun Christmas activities for Senior citizens 2021: The holiday season is such a magical time for all the families! Elders during the holidays eagerly wait to connect and spend time with the rest of the families. We have made a list of fun Christmas activities for our senior citizens.

It is most important to pay extra attention to our elders during this time, especially if they have had some ups and downs lately in their life. Winter is usually harsh for seniors forcing them to be indoors, which can worsen them.

We have compiled these fun Christmas activities for seniors that will undoubtedly create pleasant memories for all involved.

DIY handmade Christmas ornaments

We all love Christmas ornaments, and especially when handmade by a loved one, this is bound to take a special place on the Christmas tree. A fun activity that can involve your younger ones and elderly loved ones to have some quality time together. Many YouTube videos are there that teach simple techniques of DIY ornaments. This YouTube video has many fun DIY holiday-themed ornaments, from wooden to simple fabric ornaments.

Send Custom Greeting Cards

Help your elderly loved ones to greet and wish their family and friends this season by sending the annual holiday greeting cards. You can take photos of them decorating the tree or doing some fun activity and print a card at your local drug store like Walgreens. This activity will undoubtedly become their favorite holiday activity for seniors. A cute picture of them with a big smile will melt many hearts without a doubt.

Wrap Christmas Gifts

With elderly loved ones, gift wrapping can be a chore, especially with their limited mobility. So let’s ensure that their gifts are beautifully wrapped and ready to be given to their loved ones. Don’t we all agree that we always get the best gifts from our elderly loved ones? Hence plan a day of wrapping gifts and making some special time with your loved one while sipping a hot cup of chocolate together.

Cookie Decorating Competition

Have a Cookie-Decorating Competition, call a few friends and younger generations of family and have some fun time. Get all the sprinkles and icing flavors you can and get them together for some friendly competition. Let the elders be the judge or let them join the competition. This can become, without a doubt fun holiday tradition, and the winner gets to eat the best-decorated cookie.

Christmas Shopping in a Mall

Every local mall decorates for Christmas. It can be a fun outing to check out holiday decorations while getting some shopping done for them. It is important to realize that seniors still like to shop, especially for the younger ones in the family.

So plan a fun day of mall shopping and help the elderly loved ones shop for their holiday gift list.

Drive Around to See Neighborhood Décor

Every neighborhood has those few houses with over-the-top done décor and lights. It is a timeless joy, especially for seniors, to check out what décor their neighbors have put up this holiday season. Pack the entire family into the car, including kids and elders, to have some fun time checking out the local neighborhood.

If they are up to it, a stroll walking the pet and checking the décor will be a fun activity. Especially it will be a good exercise after eating all the holiday food.

Movie marathon 

Get some popcorn and hot chocolate ready for a fun movie night with your elderly loved ones. Compile a fun list of Christmas movies or feel-good movies that they might like and let them choose their favorites. Do a movie marathon and have some fun, lazy time together dressed in your favorite pajamas. If they enjoy a show on Netflix or Amazon, you can choose a series they would love to watch and finish too.

Random Acts of Kindness

Check your local charity groups if families are looking for help to get Christmas gifts for their kids and family. They usually have a list of needed things, especially for kids, in all budgets. The elderly are always generous and would love to support a kind act of giving during the holiday season. Ask them to become Santa and let them enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.

Fun Christmas Games

Older seniors love the holiday season mainly because of the festive activities that come with it. So plan a fun game night for the elders to play Christmas games this holiday season. You can host a game night virtually or in-person with your friends and family. Some ideas for games that elders will enjoy are Christmas Carol Pictionary, Christmas movie trivia night, and holiday-themed charades.

Singing Christmas Carols Together

Singing Carols raises our Christmas spirits, especially seniors who love listening or singing along with a few traditional carols. So gather around your entire family, including the youngest, to oldest generation, and have a fun evening of singing carols. Check with your local church for any special carol programs they are conducting and take them to a memorable evening of listening to Christmas music.

The holiday season is a very important bonding time for all families. Still, the hectic festive planning and gift shopping can sometimes make us stressed and not find time for things that matter. It is important to remember to include the whole family in the holiday celebrations and keep your seniors close during this time. Most importantly, enjoy those Fun Christmas activities for Senior citizens.

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