Fun Activities for Active Aging Week

Exercise for seniors is an important part of active aging

Slowing down is a natural part of life, but growing sedentary shouldn’t be. As their energy dips and potential mobility issues arise, many older adults find it easier to settle into a more stationary life. This, however, has a negative impact not only on their physical health, but their mental health as well. Those who stay active tend to live happier, fuller lives.

To help illustrate how seniors can live active lives well into their golden years, The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) developed Active Aging Week. This observation encourages seniors to look at aging from a positive angle and get moving. Whether organized at your community center or simply by your own friends and family, participating in fun activities for Active Aging Week is a great way to make a change in your life.

Fun Activities for Active Aging Week

Activities for getting physically active

When your joints ache, your instinct is probably to rest at home. Rest is important, but keeping stationary will only exacerbate the problem. Staying even moderately physically active has a substantial impact on your overall well-being—from improved muscular health, to heart health, to mental health.

You can keep physically active without it feeling like extensive exercise. Try some of these ventures with your friends and family for Active Aging Week.

  • Join a walking club. These days, you can find a group for anything—including people who walk together! There are dozens of walking clubs in the Chicago area alone where individuals get together at a specific date and time to walk a set path. Find a group that best fits your needs or interests and get going!
  • Go kayaking. You may be inclined to think kayaking is too difficult for seniors, but it is actually a great, low-impact form of exercise! If you’re an experienced kayaker, you can rent equipment and take to the water on your own time. If not, you can easily join a guided course on Lake Michigan.
  • Play lawn games. After the heat of summer, October’s weather is refreshing. Take advantage of the crisp air by enjoying lawn games with your loved ones. A few great options for seniors include cornhole, lawn bowling, and shuffleboard.

Activities for staying mentally active

Physical activity is crucial for living full lives, but so is keeping cognitively stimulated. During Active Aging Week, don’t forget to partake in activities that help boost your mental stimulation. Whether you pick up a new skill or work on an old one, you will see the benefits of your practice in your everyday life.

  • Learn a new language. Learning a new language poses a fantastic opportunity for learning that many older adults don’t often have. Studies show that seniors who learn a new language experience a reduced risk of dementia, improved memory, increased ability to multi-task, and more. Not to mention, if you have any plans for international travel in the coming months your new skills could prove to be quite handy!
  • Hone your hobby. No matter if you are an expert knitter or a novice pianist, there is always room for improvement. In addition to decreasing the risk of cognitive decline, practicing one’s hobby of choice may reduce stress, improve mobility, support the immune system, and improve social connections.
  • Join a book club. Book clubs are the perfect balance between engaging your mind and socializing. Look up book clubs in your area. If you have enough interested friends, you could start your own.

Aging actively is great for your health

Maintaining an active life with the help of home care

An at-home caregiver can provide you the support you need to keep active long into your golden years. Whether you need assistance with meal planning, personal care, or simply would like a companion to help motivate you, the staff at Home Care Powered by AUAF can help. Our caregivers are diligent and compassionate, so you never have to worry about your needs going unaccounted for.

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