Elderly Home Caregiving in the Spring

Elderly Home Caregiving in the Spring: After a long winter, most seniors who live at home are looking forward to getting outside and getting some fresh air this spring. Whether it’s fear of COVID or just winter weather, many elderly folks have been inside long enough, and are braving the early spring winds and heading outside. Here are some tips to help elderly people in home care this spring.

Seniors Are Looking to Do Some Spring Cleaning at Home

You’ve felt cooped up all winter, and now you’d like nothing better than to get your home cleaned up. Maybe you’ve accumulated some clutter over the winter, and now it’s time to get rid of it. Or perhaps it’s just routine cleaning that makes it feel more like spring. But you may not feel like you have the energy or stamina to take on your usual spring-cleaning tasks this year. Having a home care aide help with light housekeeping is a great way to jump start your spring cleaning.

Gardening and the Elderly: When Can I Plant My Garden?

Sorry to say, seniors: it’s still probably too early to plant your garden if you live in the Chicagoland area. The average last frost date, according to the Chicago Botanic Garden, is May 15th. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for your spring planting.

Gardening can be great exercise and keep you mentally engaged, though seniors with reduced mobility may want to consider a few things:

  • Create raised beds with enough room around them to reach the center to minimize how much you are on your hands and knees.
  • Consider lower maintenance plants that don’t need as much effort, and use ground cover to block weeds.
  • Lightweight hoses make watering easier, and there are also gardening tools for seniors (e.g., easy-grip tools, stand-up weed puller, etc.) that can help.

A home care aide may be able to help you plan your garden, or at least help you with other routine tasks so that you have the time and energy for your garden.

Elderly Care and Spring Allergies

As much as many seniors love springtime, seniors in home care who have allergies are sometimes not too fond of this time of year. Warmer temperatures mean budding plants, and that means more allergens in the air. Many seniors discontinue taking allergy medications over the winter, so it may be time to start them up again. An at-home caregiver can help set and manage medication reminders so that seniors aren’t sneezing their way through the spring.

Getting Some Fresh Air for Seniors

Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood or attending your grandkids’ soccer matches, getting outside can have tremendous physical and mental health benefits. It’s important to remember to wear good walking shoes, and dress in layers, as spring weather can go from warm to chilly in a hurry. Having home care assistance with meal preparation and cleanup, light housekeeping, laundry and other daily tasks can free up more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Warmer Weather Means More Seniors Travelling

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, many seniors are considering planning to travel again. Now is the time to plan, with fares still somewhat cheaper and the whole summer travel season ahead. Having some help at home can be useful when planning your spring and summer getaways. Some ways and aide can help are:

  • Help with technology. Booking trips is almost entirely an online endeavor these days. Having some help with technology can make it less intimidating.
  • Packing for your trip. It’s hard to pack for a trip with no clean clothes! A home care aide can help with laundry.
  • Errand assistance. You’ll want to make sure you have all your medications on your trip, and a home aide can help ensure you have them all.

Home Care Powered by AUAF can Help Seniors Have a Great Spring

Find out how having an in-home caregiver can help you or your elderly loved ones this spring. The professional caregivers at Home care Powered by AUAF are here to make sure that seniors living at home receive the highest quality care. Find out more by calling or contact us to get started.

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