Day Trips for Seniors in the Chicago Area

While Chicago is a fantastic location for wonderful museums, brilliant plays, and delicious food, everyone needs to change their scenery every now and again. Getting away for a day trip is a great way for seniors to change their daily routine without too much disruption.

Thankfully, Chicago is well-connected to a variety of locations that appeal to nature lovers and city-lovers alike. If you’re looking for day trips for seniors in the Chicago area, consider some of the options below.

Day Trips for Seniors in the Chicago Area

Chicago Botanic Gardens

For a shorter drive at just about half an hour, the Chicago Botanic Garden is great for those who don’t like to be in the car for too long. The 385-acre garden is lush with beautiful plant life that you can admire all year long. The 30 distinct gardens give you a look at a wide variety of greenery. You’ll be busy for hours to come.

Between bike trails, birding classes, and an onsite restaurant, you won’t have a moment to be bored. You can wander the garden as you please, but if you are interested in a self-guided tour, the garden offers narrated options via its smartphone app.

Starved Rock State Park

One of the most beautiful natural attractions in Illinois is just 100 miles away from Chicago. Starved Rock State Park is home to more than 15 canyons, views of the Illinois River, and beautiful woodlands, it’s no wonder the park is a favorite among those across the country.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, you can go horseback riding, kayaking, or rafting. If you’d rather take in the views, easy trails and water cruises are plentiful. When you finish your fun, stop in Oglesby for a view of adorable, small-town life and local bites to eat.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

As we settle into spring and approach the warmer months, the Indiana Dunes National Park becomes an even more desirable location. As you enjoy the clear waters and sandy beaches, you can even catch a glimpse at the Chicago skyline.

The beach stretches across fifteen miles of Lake Michigan’s shore, but it offers so much more than beach life. Visitors can walk the hiking trails, ride horseback, and can snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter. However, if all you want to do is rest in the sun, there is plenty of room for that too.

Day trips are great for seniors!

Holland, Michigan

Holland, Michigan is a quaint town that celebrates all things Dutch heritage. Visitors come to Holland all year round to enjoy the Dutch architecture (including its famous windmills and lighthouse!), food, and beautiful lakefront.

In just a few weeks, one of the best reasons to visit Holland begins– the Tulip Festival! Since 1929, Holland has been famous for its breathtaking fields of hundreds of thousands of tulips. In addition to celebrating the gorgeous flowers, the festival also includes a number of parades, performances, and more. What’s more, the event is completely free!

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

History buffs will love the chance to visit this iconic landmark of American history. At the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. The museum is interactive and immersive, providing visitors with clearer insight into the Civil War and all that occurred during that period.

Springfield, Illinois is one of the furthest locations from Chicago on the list, but since it is another major city, there is so much to see outside the museum. Explore the state capital for its rich history and culture.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you want to take a look at another city’s culture, try Milwaukee! Many see Milwaukee as a city with the best of both worlds—it has all the amenities of a large city at a slower pace many find desirable. As an additional benefit, you don’t have to make the drive yourself if you don’t want to. The Amtrak line will get you from Chicago to Milwaukee in about an hour and a half.

With museums, music festivals, golf courses, college sports and so much more, there is something for everyone in Milwaukee. Once you’re tired from a full day, all you have to do is hop back on the train and enjoy the ride home.

Get home care this spring from a skilled professional

In conclusion, while day trips can be a great way for seniors to enjoy the Chicago area, it’s important to remember that aging can come with challenges that require additional support. Whether it’s help with daily activities or companionship, home care can be a valuable resource for seniors who want to age in place while maintaining their independence.

By combining enjoyable day trips with quality home care, seniors can continue to live fulfilling and active lives in their later years. For more information on home care, give us a call 773-274-9262.

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