Cook County Public Health Announces Health Atlas Database

On October 12, the Cook County Department of Public Health announced its brand-new data portal: the Cook County Health Atlas. This resource is designed to allow all residents of Cook County to access and analyze neighborhood health data from the suburban municipalities.

About the Health Atlas

Cook County Public Health Announces Health Atlas Database

The data breaks down more than 100 indicators of health. These include obesity, depression, smoking rates, and so much more. Users can search for whatever health indicator they’d and see maps, charts, graphs, and tables for their area of choice regarding it.

The idea of the database is so that residents, community organizers, and policymakers alike can understand the health concerns and needs of the communities in which they live. On top of being a great resource for the average citizen, it allows the municipalities themselves to direct health services, funding, and education precisely where they are needed.

Health and wellness in seniors

Maintaining one’s overall health is crucial to all age brackets, but especially seniors. With lower immune systems, chronic illnesses, and other conditions being common among older adults, seniors must take the time to assess their health. This will allow them to live longer, fuller lives. The Health Atlas will give Cook County Public Health an opportunity to better understand the health demographics in their area.

If you’re currently providing care to an elderly loved one, help them take their health into their own hands. Make sure they are up to date with all their doctor’s appointments, eat healthy, balanced meals, and keep physically active.

Maintain your health

All of this might seem like another full-time job. If you find you need help tending to your elderly loved one’s needs, don’t feel guilty. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by one’s caregiving responsibilities. When that time comes, call upon the help of an at-home caregiver.

Home Care Powered by AUAF supports seniors in the greater Chicago area with home care services. Our dedicated staff can help your loved one stay on top of their health needs. They will gladly arrange medication reminders, healthy meals, and take care of any personal care needs they have.

For more information on our services, call us at 773-274-9262.

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