Connecting Homebound Seniors Through Technology

There are around “1.9 million U.S adults over age 65 or older that are completely or mostly homebound” (Ritchie, C., & Leff, B, 2016). As a result, these seniors typically rely on home and family caregivers.

Seniors are already at risk of social isolation through many other factors. Therefore, being homebound only adds further to the risk.

However, we live in a day and age where technology can connect us to other people, to learning, and even to doctors and health care providers.

Who is Defined as a Homebound Senior?

According to Medicare Interactive (“The Homebound Requirement”, n.d), you are considered homebound if:

  • you need the help of another person or medical equipment to leave your home
  • your doctor believes your health could get worse if you leave your home
  • it is difficult for you to typically leave your home

How Technology Will Help Homebound Seniors

Many adults are already stuck at home because of the current pandemic. As the country begins to open again, it’s necessary to make sure that homebound seniors find ways of connecting to others and the world outside.

This is where technology will play a crucial role. There are many different ways that technology can offer enrichment to your daily routine. This includes:

Connecting with Family. If you happen to live far from your family, or your health prevents you from seeing them often, talking to them over video chatting apps is a great way to stay in touch. Thus this way you can keep up with all the new family updates and keep up with necessary human interaction.

Taking Part in Online Classes. There are thousands of classes online, whether they are free or paid for. Hence you can choose to take art, history, photography, computer, and many more types of classes online. In addition, some will offer one-on-one interaction with a teacher or even a group of individuals.

Accessing Social Media. Creating accounts on various social media platforms allows you connection to all the news and events happening with your friends and family.

Playing Games. There are thousands of online games that connect you with online players. Thus you can even find games to play on your own or puzzles to solve.


Regardless of what you choose, technology provides you many options of staying in touch and connecting with other people. However, if you choose to not connect with others, technology still provides you with ways of staying busy and working your mind. If you have any questions for us give us a call at 773.274.9262.


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