Conflict in Caring for Elderly Parents


When your parents approach their senior years you may begin to face the task of making decisions about their lives. Oftentimes, when you have other siblings or family members that care for your elderly parents, you may not be the only one that weighs in on the decisions. Because of this, you may come upon differences in opinion that may cause conflict within the family.

It’s important to deal with conflict delicately. The most important thing to remember is to keep care of your elderly parents at the forefront of the conversations.

The Biggest Elderly Care Disagreement You May Face

One common disagreement as parents age is in regards to caregiving. There are many components that will factor in to your decision about caregiving. You have to take into consideration both your parents wishes, and other family members that help care for them.

It can become difficult as different family members have different opinions. Some may believe it’s best to get an external caregiver, while others believe that someone in the family should be the caregiver. And to add to that, your elderly parent may have their own idea on how they want their care. Some may feel uncomfortable with caregivers they aren’t familiar with. Others may want someone that isn’t in the family.

Whatever the opinion, it’s important that you listen to all opinions in the process. There is a reason every one has a certain opinion. Take the time to hear what those opinions are and why they feel something should be done a certain way.

Adding a caregiver into the family can be a big change for everyone. And it’s important that you are patient and considerate of everyone’s reasoning.

Improving Communication During Conflict With Parents

Clear communication is the best way to avoid frustration when it comes to differing opinions. Let everyone communicate what they have to say. And especially remember to listen and let your elderly parents communicate their concerns as well.

You may be having many of these conversations with siblings or other members that care for your parents. But remember to take a step back and think about how you want to be treated in your senior years. You will want to be heard when it comes to your care. And this is vital to making a smooth transition if you do end up choosing to get a caregiver for your elderly parents.

One way to mitigate the difficulty of decision making can include an outside party who can come listen to what all family members have to say. This can be a friend or neighbor. It can help to have someone not directly invested in everything that can add clarity to the situation.


When it comes to any decision for your elderly parent, you will most likely run into some sort of conflict. Whether the conflict comes from disagreements with family members, or from something else, just remember your goal. You want to do what is best for your parent. You will want to approach any and all discussions with an open mind. That way, there will be no component of care that you may have over looked.

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