Collections of Poetry for Seniors to Read

While many see the word “poetry” and turn the other way, it is a more accessible medium than many realize. It is a beautiful form of expression that can evoke great emotions and thoughts in a few words. It can offer a sense of comfort and solace, which grows to be even more valuable as we age.

If you’re ready to dive into the world of poetry for National Poetry Month, consider some of the collections of poetry for seniors to read below. With both classic and modern options listed, you are certain to find something that speaks to you.

Collections of Poetry for Seniors to Read

A Collection of Poems by Robert Frost

Robert Frost is probably one of the most easily recognizable poets in American history. For those who love to reflect on the beauty of nature, or perhaps want a fish-eye lens on the early 20th century, A Collection of Poems by Robert Frost is a fantastic place to start. This collection includes all the poems in his first four published collections. For many seniors, it may invoke a sense of nostalgia.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath is another great name in 20th-century American literature, and her collection of poetry, The Bell Jar is one of her most magnificent achievements. The story chronicles the life of a woman battling mental illness and the societal pressures she faces. It is a harrowing read, but it is an important one. As many older adults are currently unlearning their stigmas around mental health, The Bell Jar can help shine a light on it.

And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Even if you’re not familiar with poetry, you have likely read Maya Angelou’s classic poem “Still I Rise.” In addition to this phenomenal poem, Angelou’s collection And Still I Rise features dozens of writings that celebrate the beauty of love and life. Readers are certain to be stunned by the power and beauty Angelou approaches each piece with.

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Nox by Anne Carson

Nox is a beautifully crafted epitaph in honor of Anne Carson’s late brother. In the pages of this book, Carson explores the complex emotions many experiences with the loss of a loved one. Interspersed with poetry, Carson has pasted letters, family photos, collages, and sketches to tell her story. Loss is an unfortunate reality of aging, and Nox could help afford some seniors peace in that.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

In the mid-2010s, Milk and Honey took the world by storm. Her collection of poetry and prose explores the array of hardships one might experience in their life, but with a touch of something more. Throughout these sections, Rupi Kaur encourages her readers to find sweetness in their life to help them navigate through the bitter moments.

Call Us What We Carry by Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman made her mark on the world of poetry when she performed her work at the 2021 presidential inauguration. She is referred to as “our messenger from the past, our voice for the future,” and that rings true in her collection Call Us What We Carry. Gorman explores history, identity, erasure, and the global pandemic in her collection of poetry. Throughout it, however, she shines a hopeful light on it all.

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As seniors explore collections of poetry, they will find works that resonate with them and provide comfort and inspiration. Incorporating reading into daily life is a meaningful way for seniors to stay mentally engaged and improve their overall well-being.

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