Celebrating Veterans Day with Seniors

114 years ago on November 11 in 1918, in a moment of great relief for the entire globe, World War I finally came to an end. While Veteran’s Day didn’t become a nationally observed holiday until 1954, the date was chosen to honor this crucial point in world history. Unlike Memorial Day, which was designed to honor those we have lost, Veteran’s Day was created to honor those who are still with us.

Veteran’s Day is an important day for many seniors. A 2021 study found that 42% of males over the age of 75 are veterans—a far higher percentage than any other demographic. If you are celebrating Veterans Day with seniors this year, fly the American flag and take the time to make them feel appreciated.

Celebrating Veterans Day with Seniors

Thank them

Your first activity, no matter what you’ve planned for the day, should be to thank your elderly loved one for their service. For years—even decades, in some cases—they fought to protect our country, and they should be properly honored.

This is the perfect time to ask them about their experiences, as many seniors enjoy sharing stories about the past. That being said, some may not want to discuss what they went through and saw in battle. If that is the case, you should respect those wishes.

Visit a war memorial

Many towns or counties have a war memorial. Take them to this gathering point to reflect on their military service, or to pay respects to those they’ve lost. It’s also likely your area hosts an annual Veteran’s Day parade. It would be special to do these events in tandem.

While this is far more extravagant, if you have the ability and they are physically able, sign them up to visit the war memorials in Washington D.C. This program gives combat veterans an opportunity unlike any other to tour the nation’s capital.

Treat them to a special meal

It’s likely your senior loved one doesn’t get out as much as they used to. On Veteran’s Day, treat them to lunch, dinner, or even coffee. Encourage them to speak about their time serving, or simply to speak about their family history. This is a fun, low-effort activity that makes most seniors feel special.

Volunteer in their honor

Veterans made the ultimate sacrifice to help their country. Return the smallest portion of the favor by volunteering at a veteran’s organization near you. This could be an assisted living facility, a VA hospital, or whatever other organization you can find.

If your loved one is able, volunteer alongside them so they can spend time with other veterans on Veterans Day. If not, involve them in the process. Have them pick an organization that is special to them, and volunteer there for a few hours. Regardless of which you choose, when celebrating Veterans Day with Seniors, there is hardly a more special way.

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