Celebrating the Super Bowl with Seniors

Football is the most popular sport to watch among Americans, and the biggest day for the sport comes to a head in just a few days. The Super Bowl is one of the largest televised events in the country, with millions of people of all ages joining in to watch the best teams in the sport come to a head. The Super Bowl is a great way to get together larger groups of friends and family—especially your elderly loved ones.

If you’re celebrating the Super Bowl with seniors, make it an event to remember. Try some of these activities during this Super Bowl Sunday to better include your elderly loved one in the festivities.

Celebrating the Super Bowl with Seniors

Cast friendly bets

It’s fun to add a little bit of friendly competition to your Super Bowl celebration. Have your senior loved one cast their bets as to who they think will win. Once the game is over, have small prizes ready, like a box of chocolate or a commitment to run a certain errand for the “winner.” You could even divide the room into these two factions like you may be divided at the actual football game.

Talk about past Super Bowls

Did you know that the first Super Bowl was in 1967? Your elderly loved one may remember that first game. Ask them about memories or stories of those early football games. Ask them to share how the game has grown and changed since then, and allow them the opportunity to reminisce about times with friends. Perhaps they’ll give you past traditions to incorporate into your next celebration.

Enjoy the Super Bowl with Seniors

Prepare healthy snacks together

Many people attend Super Bowl parties purely for fun conversations and snacks. Put together some delicious but healthy snacks, like vegetables and dip or hummus and pita chips. Use this time to talk to your loved one about how they are doing.

Get help with your loved one for the big game

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl Party this year, you may need a little assistance with your elderly loved one. An at-home caregiver can help take care of your loved one’s personal care needs, pick up their medications, and help with an abundance of activities of daily living.

To learn more about how a caregiver can help, call us at (773) 274-9262.

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