Celebrating Labor Day with Seniors

Labor Day is right around the corner, and with it comes the unofficial end of summer. The change in the season is already detected with shorter days and cooler nights, but that doesn’t mean the best has already passed. Send out summer surrounded by friends and family this year.

After spending an entire year working diligently, you may be inclined to simply see where the day takes you. However, if you’re celebrating Labor Day with seniors, you may want to include more structure in your day. Consider these family activities when celebrating Labor Day this year.

Have a cookout

One of the quintessential Labor Day activities is to host a family cookout, and it’s with good reason. Early September weather is still beautiful enough to soak up the sun, but not usually so warm that there is a high chance of overheating. So, invite friends and family over for good food and good company.

Make the most out of the event by enlisting the help of your elderly loved one and children to make some patriotic décor. Some great examples are flag wreaths and red, white, and blue garlands. It is fun for the younger generation and the older generation to come together.

Enjoy the weather at a park

If you’d rather not arrange an event on Labor Day but would still like to enjoy the weather, visit a park together. Your elderly loved one’s mobility can determine what it is you do together. For some, it might mean a walk and a picnic. For others, it could mean a bike ride or a hike on a new trail.

While this Labor Day is set to have gorgeous weather with highs in the mid-70s, it is important to keep your aging loved one cool and hydrated. Make sure there are shady spots and a comfortable seat for them to rest in as needed during these fun activities.

Encourage rest

Labor Day was created to acknowledge the painstaking work of employees across the country by offering a well-deserved break. Encourage your elderly loved ones to leave their chores for a later date and enjoy a day of leisurely activities. Even if they are long since retired, seniors deserve a break. The next day, they’ll feel rejuvenated.

Take a moment to recognize the work of your senior loved one

For years on end, your elderly parent worked tirelessly to not only support you but to support their career. Take a moment to extend your appreciation for their years of balancing both. Even just a short expression of gratitude will make your loved one’s day.

An at-home caregiver can help your loved one rest easy

More than anything, celebrating Labor Day with seniors should be about living comfortably with friends and family. However, for some seniors, it isn’t so simple.

As we age, activities of daily living aren’t as easy as they once were. Meal preparation is laborious, running errands is difficult due to mobility, and even dressing can be a challenge. With the help of an at-home caregiver, your loved one can rest easy this Labor Day.

If you suspect your loved one would benefit from the helpful hands of a caregiver, call Home Care Powered by AUAF at 773-274-9262.

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