Celebrating International Day of Friendship with Seniors

Friendships are some of the most important relationships a person can have. They offer us fun times, someone to talk to, and someone to cheer us on when things are difficult. With both our friends and family by our sides, we can truly do anything.

In 2011, the United Nations chose to recognize the importance of friendship across the world by proclaiming July 30 as the International Day of Friendship. For seniors, that importance can’t be understated. With a solid foundation of social support, older adults have better mental, cognitive, and physical health alike. Celebrating International Day of Friendship with seniors is one of the best ways to show your friends—both old and new—how much they mean to you.

For a few ideas to express the impact your friends have made on your life, consider the options below.

Celebrating International Day of Friendship with Seniors

Send them a letter

These days, most of our correspondence with others comes in the form of messages or phone calls. While it’s always nice to be reached out to in such a manner, receiving a handwritten letter is all the more special. So, set aside some time to craft a thoughtful letter to your friend that thanks them for being in your life. They will be surprised and touched by this gesture when it finally arrives in the mail.

Treat them to a meal

Though it isn’t officially a love language, food might as well be one. If you know what your loved one’s favorite meal is, have your caregiver pick up the ingredients from the store and prepare the meal for them. If cooking is no longer feasible for you, that is okay. You can still have a great time by going to their favorite restaurant together.

Go out together

The International Day of Friendship falls at a great time of year for Chicagoans: summer! Take advantage of the weather by spending an afternoon in the sun enjoying one of these great activities.

  • Have a beach day. With more than two-dozen beaches in Chicago, you and your friends can easily enjoy an afternoon by the water. Prepare yourselves a small picnic, bring your beach chairs, and certainly don’t forget to reapply sunscreen!
  • Mini golf. If you don’t want to spend a long afternoon on a golf course, why not move it to a smaller scale? Mini golf is a fun activity for all ages and would be great light exercise you all can enjoy together. Some mini golf places also even offer food and drink, so you can make a whole event of it.
  • Go to an outdoor concert. It seems no matter where you live in the Chicago area, you can almost always find live music somewhere. Look up nearby street festivals, as well as nearby parks, to see if you can find a free event for you to enjoy.

Friendship is important for seniors

Don’t forget your caregiver!

While you may not always think of your caregiver as a friend in the traditional sense of the word, they are indeed a companion. With their diligent help, you feel supported on the days you can’t go out to see a loved one. So, on International Friendship Day, don’t forget to tell your caregivers how much they mean to you.

Home care that fits your needs

The activities of daily living—such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care—may not be as simple as they once were. There is no need to be ashamed of this fact, as one Harvard study found that as many as 25% of seniors can’t perform some activities of daily living without help. If you fall into that statistic, Home Care Powered by AUAF can help. For over 30 years we have offered seniors the support they need to age in place, and we would be happy to help you too.

For more information on our services, give us a call at 773-274-9262. We’re happy to assist.

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